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    Looking for friends.

    Hi everyone.

    One of my late night anxiety attacks led me here, so I thought I would give it a go.
    I'm looking for some online friends, as making friends is really hard for me due to social anxiety, and also general health anxiety.
    I live with my girlfriend and my son, but my social life is non-existent, so here I am.

    Thanks for your time 😀

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    Re: Looking for friends.


    Hows it going? Panic attacks are now part of my life too, theyve been around so long I think its a pet.

    I can relatate to you on the social life front :-).

    Im John, 30 year old and from Scotland.

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    Re: Looking for friends.

    Have inattentive ADD and anxiety my entire life. Am now 63 yrs. old. Never thought it would go away. I know I'll always be forgetful, but what bothers me is the anxiety. The last 2 yrs. it has worsened into horrendous panic attacks. Tried lexapro (ssri).....Seroqel(an anti-psychotic).....both were a disaster. One last off label dose of Lyrica. I don't want to be TOO DRAMATIC here, but after 3 doses of 50 mg. .........wait for it.............................................TOT AL CURE.....I am not kidding. FORGET Serotonin or Dopamine....this works on reducing "EXCITATORY NEUROTRANSMITTER".......well DU' stops things BEFORE they get started. My life is now my own......

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    By the way, in large doses it works for social anxiety.

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    By the way.....I'll be your friend. I live in the states......I wish i could come and help you. This lyrica has made all the difference. Trust me.
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