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Thread: Pregnant, Emetophobia & Norovirus in the House

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    Unhappy Pregnant, Emetophobia & Norovirus in the House

    Hello, I'm Laura. Sorry about the short introduction but I'm not in a good place at the moment, and could really use some advice or friendly words (if that's okay)!

    Basically, I had to collect my fiance from work yesterday and bring him home because he wouldn't stop vomiting. Last night, he's had a bed on the sofa, and I was holed up in the bedroom, chatting to him through a closed door. I've been checking he's okay, encouraging him to sip water, but I still feel like this phobia of vomiting has turned me into the worst girlfriend in the world. :( He says he completely understands that I'm scared out of my wits, and hasn't minded me shutting myself away, or bleaching everything he's touched so far, but I wish I could react differently!

    The truth is, I'm terrified. I'm nearly 5 months pregnant and my immune system is already slacking because of the baby (I'm already catching colds too easily, like the one I caught last week and the sore throat that's still lingering after two weeks!) and I just do not want to catch what he's got on top of everything else. We live in a really small apartment with one bathroom. Bless him, he's not using the bathroom and is instead puking into a trash can because he's thinking of me...

    Am I right in assuming stomach viruses cannot be transmitted through saliva before symptoms rear their ugly head (vomiting and diarrhoea)? I ask out of concern for the baby... He was feeling dodgy last night and then kissed me goodbye this morning before leaving for work, then he became violently ill at work.

    Thank you so much, and so sorry my first post is of this nature. :(

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    Re: Pregnant, Emetophobia & Norovirus in the House

    Laura, I feel really sorry for you, I have to be entirely honest with you.....I think I might be responding the same way, especially if I was 5 months pregnant. I think you are wise to try and keep your distance and I would be putting strict hygiene procedures into place too. I'm not emetophobic, but feeling sick and being sick puts me into a panicky state...but...I feel that you are anxious for more practical reasons than just a HA response! Do you know its definitely norovirus? I only ask as this presumes he has been tested or something? Could it be a food poisoning thing instead ?

    You should avoid close contact with him, as you are doing. Don't OBVIOUSLY share food or plates and glasses (not that you would lol) Wash your hands often and try to ensure you aren't touching contaminated surfaces or objects...if you need to touch his puking container wear some gloves and importantly (as some gastro viruses can spread through droplets in the air) don't be in there when he is being sick. Gosh, I hope you get some other replies on this as I'm not a great knowledge on stomach bugs...we don't get them.

    Am I right in assuming stomach viruses cannot be transmitted through saliva before symptoms rear their ugly head
    I think it depends which bug it is, some are infectious before but most are infectious during the V and D stage.

    I think if I were you I'd put in place some contingency, have oral rehydration ready and contact your midwife to ask what to do if you contract it, as you may need some more specific care instructions. I will add reassurance here too if I can, IF you do get it (and I sincerely hope you don't!) I'm sure you will be ok as many women will contract it during pregnancy. It seems that dehydration is what you want to avoid, baby will be ok, but you need to keep yourself well.

    Here is some information from the bounty website, a little bit about pregnancy and norovirus...

    I've just looked up a few things about pregnancy and vomiting bugs, many sites say to 'avoid the person' who has it where possible. You are already putting into place some sensible measures, keep doing themI say.
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