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Thread: Looking for online friends

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    Looking for online friends


    I am 37 years of age from the East Midlands area and would like someone to chat to. I have had social anxiety for about 25 years now and my friends have all dwindled away over the years. I am unable to make any in real life mainly because of my anxiety and also that I’m a busy mum of 3 kids (one of which has OCD) means I have no time to attend social groups ect. I also suffer from GAD a little as my life hasn’t been easy and I just worry too much now. I would really like to chat with someone to help take my mind of some of the things that’s been going on.


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    Re: Looking for online friends

    hi, you can message me anytime if you want

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    Re: Looking for online friends

    I'm not sure how this whole website works yet but you can post messages to me. I am similar to you I think having suffered for decades with anxiety of some form or another. I have two grown up kids. I know how having the responsibility of children can really affect your anxiety levels.
    I work part time so I must confess that I don't get to this website as much as I should. Virtual hug...

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    Re: Looking for online friends

    I have been a sufferer for decades so you may feel I am a bit out of your age group but also live in same part of country (no danger of me wanting to meet up, rest assured) but we may have some common ground there. As retired online every day. Susan

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