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Thread: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    It's been a challenging couple of weeks for me, what am I saying? It's always challenging, but I've felt of late a morose with the constant battling with day to day life.
    Although I work better with a routine, it's not ideal for the brain or feeling motivated. I feel like I'm just ticking away days, weeks, months with very little to show for it.
    I haven't found any class or club to go to and I question myself to whether I'm up to that yet?
    It would only take someone to ask me if I'm ok to make me run away like Usain Bolt.
    I don't have any confidence or trust in people and find it hard to let people in.
    So maybe the answer is to do something with animals. What? I don't know, but I'll find something. Whether it's dog walking, sitting, feeding, there must be something out there. Maybe the Spring is the best time to seek something.

    On to a completely different subject...
    I'm dreaming so much about my late mum.
    They are not comforting dreams, but uncomfortable.
    I'm realising there's still some closure needed and I don't think time is the essence.
    I don't really want to relive those moments but my emotions definite need some closure.
    As for my general daily grind with anxiety, it's very up and down. I'm re-looking at my diet and found pineapple not only beneficiary to my acid reflux, but read it was helpful for anxiety too. Come to think of it, I often used to have a pineapple juice in my younger years. For once, it's something very pleasant on the list of positive food and drink.

    I've also been struggling with my sinuses and whatever I do or try, I still have it. 5 months now and basically continued on from the hay fever. I get the odd day of relief, but most days I'm suffering with what feels like a cold every day. Roll on the days when we can turn off the central heating, because I'm sure that doesn't help.
    Apart from that, I've been taking the winter weeks to read yet more self-help books.
    And there's one key factor in all of them.
    You have to help yourself and change your lifestyle.
    Whether it is diet, routine, work, associations and especially thoughts. If you don't change anything, how are we supposed to feel any different?
    And I know there are situations when it is difficult to change your lifestyle as I was carer for near enough 10 years living a 24/7 duty which was very much a routine.
    But you can do something about your diet, activities, your outlook. And I know full well how difficult that can be, but even one small change can make a difference to how you feel.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Hi Mrs. C.
    Thanks for the update - been thinking about you a lot and hoping for more info on how you're doing.

    I agree that you need to find something to participate in outside of your home, but I also agree that finding that perfect "something" can be challenging. But as long as you keep looking and are open and receptive to new ideas, you WILL find it. It dawned on me the other day that the days when I feel most of my anxiety symptoms are on my days off from work. When I'm at work I am busy and distracted and the excess adrenaline works to my advantage, but when I have a day off with nothing planned, I am antsy and anxious and, of course, more aware of those feelings because of the lack of distractions. So I intensify them by dwelling on them.

    Do the dreams about your mum linger with you all day or do you forget them shortly after awakening? I've read that if they are very vivid and real and if they stay with you throughout the day, then it was a visitation from your loved one, but if it fades away pretty much after getting up, it was simply something that was in your subconscious when you went to sleep. I had a lot of issues with my mother and felt guilty that I was still so angry with her after her death, but finally about a year ago I locked myself in the bedroom, lit a candle, and "spoke" to the candle as if it were my mother and got all kinds of things off my chest. I yelled, I screamed, I cried, and I felt so much better afterwards.

    Regarding the sinuses, I think it's the season. I have humidifiers running all over the house and that seems to help a lot. I'm also using saline nasal spray several times a day to keep the lining moist.

    Regarding the self-help books? Been there - done that. But at some point I needed to put them all away because reading them kept me in that constant state of being aware of my issues, rather than distracting me from them. I think you have all the knowledge and tools you need for now and are doing the best you can, one day at a time.

    Definition of insanity? Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. We're all guilty of that. Wishing and hoping alone doesn't solve anything, unfortunately. The one thing I'm struggling with a lot for the past few months is these anxiety / Tourette's / OCD vocal and motor tics. I just can't seem to get them under control, so the other day I remembered that it's often a sign of magnesium deficiency, and since I started this new way of eating, I am definitely low on magnesium. So I'm starting to take magnesium supplements, slowly, to see if that will bring some relief.

    Hope everyone is doing as well as possible, and glad to be a part of this family. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Hello C, sorry youíre struggling a bit. January is quite a challenge I think. Itís cold, itís a new beginning and I never have any money! Iíve been quite up and down.
    Pineapple sounds like a very nice reflux remedy! I do love fresh pineapple too.

    Sorry that your dreams are causing you discomfort. I hope you have better ones soon.

    Do you have pets at all?

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Pineapple was always suggested for gut stasis in rabbits because it contains bromelain, I think?

    If it works for lagamorphs it should work for mere humans too!

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    That's spot on Pulisa
    So it's Pina Coladas all round.

    Hi Scass, I do have a pet, a Siberian Forest cat that's more like a child. I highly recommend anyone with anxiety having a pet, no matter how small.

    Hi Sue, thank you for your helpful answers.

    With my mum and the dreams, they actually wake me up in the night and I remember them in the morning, but I don't carry it around with me all day.
    They tend to be situations where I'm trying to save my mum and Pulisa will know that was for real in the latter part of her life.
    I like the idea of the candle and will probably give that a go. x

    I'm going to let the' hobby / past time come to me.
    Now that I've opened my horizons to doing something, I do hear about stuff occasionally coming up.

    I agree about not consuming too much reading on the anxiety subject and I only allow myself an hour a day.
    My day is always quite full and with challenges as well as normal stuff. I'm particularly interested in diet though as I don't take meds and that's where I came up with pineapple.

    I also agree with the more relaxing days seem to be more anxious induced, but learning to relax is important for anxiety recovery. It's taken a long time to sit and do just nothing!

    Another tip I read today.....
    Don't set your sights on the destination, set your sights on the path to your destination. This is a good tip with driving especially. But also walking when feeling, shall we say wobbly. It would also apply to recovery. x

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Yesterday I made the effort to go out and venture further afield. Once there, my legs were in a state of shaking and wobbling. I've noticed that when I'm nervous I seem to accumulate alot of wind and I tried several times to not let it go as people were either standing behind me or lingering around me. So between the wind and the legs, it's really hard to concentrate on being in the moment.
    I stuck with this for a couple of hours and by the end of it was much better coming out than going in, a bit like my wind.

    I'm also getting a bit better with people, like talking to them and making eye contact.
    And finding that nearly everyone I speak to is suffering with these dark, gloomy and miserable days of January.
    It seems to zap your energy and motivation, so my thoughts are, don't bother fighting it, let it pass, like anxiety.
    All this, "I should be doing", so what! People are also entitled to some hibernation time.

    I'm still not back to my driving, but here's a funny thing.
    One afternoon Mr C had to abandon our car as we couldn't get parked outside where we live.
    Without thinking on seeing a space available, I walked to the car, got in it on my own and drove it to our house.
    I had a "oh my God" moment afterwards as I realised I'd done that on my own, but it was literally an action that wasn't thought out like I would normally do.
    That's definitely encouragement.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Just catching up with the last 5 days.....
    I'm on to my third book of reading self-help books, only another nine to go. I made a pact with myself to spend miserable January and February to read these books to gain more information about anxiety.
    And yes, there's a lot of duplicate info and I'm dropping off reading because so far, no one has hit that spot with me yet. Think I must have read about the fear of the lion twenty times over and God knows how many times and different versions of breathing exercises.
    I can honestly say I get about two paragraphs of "aha" out of a whole book. And I've read many since having anxiety.
    I just don't feel like these books feel me with happiness. Encouragement maybe, but it's always so textbook and unpassionate.
    But I'll keep my pact of reading, so I can at least say I've given myself the opportunity to take a so called experienced writer to enlighten me.

    I've been going out everyday, come rain or shine lately.
    Some days wobbly and the occasional day of "Oh my, I feel quite normal today"
    I'm also chatting more to people and that's definitely something of a turn around for me.
    Normally my mind would wander and I might be thinking, "you've done your buttons up wrong on your coat" or "I like your scarf, I wonder where you got it and how did you get to cascade on your shoulders like that" or "when's this conversation going to finish, blah, blah, blah" a bit like my thread.
    I've had several 'stand there and be normal' conversations. Mostly about everything and nothing, but hey-ho, you can't expect everyone to talk about something really interesting. Just as well they don't talk about anxiety, we'd be there all day!
    I also went into my first shop on my own the other day. I'm not talking about Mr C waiting outside. I'm referring to Mr C waiting in the car for a change and me walking down the street to the shop and back. And on the way back I had a twinge of adrenalin in my leg to remind me that 'Wilko' was most definitely still with me. And he always will be, but if I can remember that he's harmless but attention seeking, I can just carry on! Besides, if its just a twinge, that's hardly death threatening, I can deal with that, no problem.

    So tomorrow is February and a reassurance of Spring is surely on its way.
    Spotted a tulip bulb pushing its way through the earth and one I planted a year ago in pottery plant pot which makes me think... "If I can give life, then I can give life to myself". And that's exactly what I am aiming for, which let's face it, it's why we are here on earth anyway.
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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Hi Mrs. C and other Team members.
    It's been kind of quiet so I hope that means we're all doing ok.

    Mrs. C, would you consider not devoting February to the rest of your self-help books? My thought and fear is that you are keeping "anxiety" up front and center and making it a strong focal point of your days and nights by reading books about it while also dealing with it's life challenges. Aren't we supposed to use imagery and the laws of attraction to focus on things we WANT in our lives? If you're reading about anxiety too much, you're attracting it to you and keeping it alive and well at the forefront of your mind. I would think doing things that totally distract you from the topic of anxiety might be more helpful. As you said, all the books basically tell us the same thing, and you could probably WRITE a book about it at this point. You know the rules, you know the signals, you know the coping tools, and now maybe you need to push anxiety to the backseat for a while and focus on something other than that.

    Just my two cents, but I know when I am watching myself, checking my anxiety levels, and searching for ways to alleviate it, I'm simply keeping it alive and well. We all have to find what works for us, and hopefully you are on track to finding that very soon.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Hi Sue

    I appreciate your honesty and sort of agree with you.
    But, there's always a but
    I don't read everyday and I've promised myself to get these books read and then shelved.
    They've all come highly recommended and I quote 'mentioned as life changing'. I know. I'm cynical too.
    Unfortunately we can't forget about anxiety, it's always in the background reminding us, so it's never gonna be out of my mind.
    But thank you for thinking of me Sue.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Carnation, I have to say that I agree with Sue completely. You are not defined by anxiety. You have interests which don't involve anxiety such as gardening and planning your "future garden" for the coming seasons. You are artistic, have knowledge and an interest in nature which I certainly don't possess. It's a gift and should be used to your benefit. These bloody self-help books can be a pain in the ar*e-you know it all anyway and each one is just a jazzed up version of the other. Give yourself a break and do things that you actually enjoy? xx

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