Mrs S - best of luck tomorrow for your husband’s op. Will be thinking good thoughts for you both!!

Mrs P - same for you with your hospital visit. One of the large hospitals in my area has been doing daily press conferences since Covid started, giving updates about hospital capacities and answering questions from the public. It really does sound like a hospital is one of the safest places right now with all the new protocols they are following for infection control and management. Although I do understand the anxieties over going at all during these times. Will send positive thoughts your way as well!

Mrs C - I hope today was a little better for you! We just have to take it one day at a time right now and do our best to be kind to ourselves. Today I’ve had a slight runny nose and the occasional chest tickle, so my mind is trying to steer me into Covid territory. More likely to be allergy related as our dust and dander levels are in the “extreme” category today, whatever that means. Just trying to keep a handle on my mind that likes to blow everything out of proportion!!

Heres hoping tomorrow is a better day for us all!