Darksky, I'm imagining all sorts being delivered to your home from cushions to candles and more.
I also don't like the tv on morning, day and night and I'm having to put up with a lot of sport which is noisy and distracting, accompanied by cries of, "you beep idiot, how did you beep that" and then sulking for the rest of the day.
I actually feel more like his mother at times and take myself off to the garden to come back in with another bite or sting. :(

It's a very familiar story of the woes of retirement and worrying signs of my mum's words when I really didn't understand what she meant.
"your father is every where, I can't get anything done" and "why won't he go out, he's always here", she would moan everyday! And dad never said anything like that back, quite the opposite. "did your mum say where she was going and how long she'd be?" It was more than my life was worth to tell him and she'd always get a ticking off on her return.
Adapt yes, but don't become a house slave.