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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Thanks glassgirlw
    We have to remember that hay-fever is just that and nothing more. I've obviously been spending more time in the garden, well there's nowhere else to go.
    I've also been drying my washing outside, but I love the smell of the fresh air in the clothes.
    My conveyor belt of growing veggies is expanding all the time. Lettuces are doing really well and kale has taken. Sadly the tomatoes are reluctant to show their little heads, but not had the heat in this part of the country yet. Still wearing a coat.
    Still, it keeps me occupied.
    I'm finding I'm not really making use of the extra time on my hands. I'm not particularly watching loads of tv, because there's not much to watch anyway.
    But I'm lazing about saying, "I'll do it tomorrow".
    I'm just not in that frame of mind
    But I get my daily walk and pop out for food essentials.
    I'm a thinker anyway, so I spend hours doing that.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    We now in our 3rd week of lock down and I don't really have much to show for it.
    I've been in the garden, a lot of washing, cleaning the house, my daily walk (which isn't actually that long), eating and watching stuff on TV I wouldn't normally watch.
    I haven't read so much as a paragraph in a book because I just can't concentrate. Besides, Mr C won't shut up talking about the Covid19.
    I've noticed more people walking about since the weather has improved and everyone's front garden looks perfectly tended to, almost in an eerily way.
    We face time a few people and can't believe I get social anxiety just from that and it's worsen because you can't move and have to keep the conversation going.
    Pets are loving their owners being around, it's like they've won the lottery.
    Suddenly clothes seem to be insignificant as we spend our days indoors replaced with food excitement.
    The Supermarkets still haven't got to grips with the situation by means of deliveries and stock and in some cases, safety precautions.
    Reducing the hours is NOT a safety precaution.
    See, now I'm talking about it again.
    No matter how hard I try to not to think about the Covid19 and its effect, it keeps cropping up in one way or another.
    It's also strange as an agoraphobia sufferer that it bothers me that you can't go out or do anything, when normally I wouldn't be bothered about it. But I think it's the freedom that is the issue and not being able to get stuff.
    Oh, I'm at it again, talking about it.
    So, what are my plans today? Eat, walk, eat, sit, eat, watch TV, eat, go to bed. I'll do more tomorrow.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Hi Gang.... just checking in.

    Carnation: I, too, often ponder on the conspiracy theory of this epidemic. There very possibly could be SO much more to the story than we're being told. But then again, there are SO many people who would have to be going along with this to keep it under wraps, I can't imagine how it's possible. Then again, I still have my suspicions that our tragic 9-11-01 World Trade Center explosions were not what they want us to think it was. (shrug).

    Isn't it amazing how the tiniest of symptoms can trigger the health anxiety? I can be on my couch looking at the TV while reading on my laptop and also doing things on my phone, and sometimes I get a dizzy wave and it totally puts me in a tizzy. It makes sense that with me forcing my eyes and brain to focus on so many different focal points that I would "spin" once in a while, but I automatically start analyzing what I may have eaten differently, done differently, etc. And then I worry about it happening again.

    Lately, I've been trying to chalk those up to allergies / clogged sinuses. I think when we are congested/swollen behind our eyes and ears, it's going to have an effect on how we see. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

    Today I'm trying to analyze why my physical anxiety is ramping up so badly. I woke up anxious and depressed, and figured it was just a morning slump. As the day goes on, all the physical symptoms of anxiety are ramping up. Nervous tics, tingling of my skin, jumpy, hyper but lazy, etc. No idea why it's happening today.... there's nothing in particular bothering more than the past day or the past week or even the past month. Do our bodies go through physical/chemical cycles and rollercoasters? Maybe if I were at work today I wouldn't have noticed the extra anxiety?

    Who knows. Days like this are when I try to remind myself that I am blessed because things could be SO much worse.

    Be well everyone. Glad we're all here together.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Hi Sue

    I think we've all been guilty of thinking there's more to this pandemic situation than meets the eye.
    Being in Lock-down is a great opportunity to surf the Web too.
    I've never been one to believe the media and form my own opinion on firm facts. My mind also has the tenancy to wander.

    I'm ashamed to say I've been Googling.
    I can't get the episode out of my head with my momentarily sight disturbance I had the other day.
    It was only minutes, but even seconds is enough to get me thinking continuously about it.
    I remember reading something on my phone and the words becoming slightly blurred as if when you are feeling dozy. This happens a lot. I reached for my reading glasses which I never normally wear because a well known Opticians that advertise massively on the TV gave me some glasses that puts everything on a slant.
    I took them off and then I had a situation where the words were completely unreadable and I had blurred vision to my far righthand side.
    I didn't think at the time it could have been the glasses, but now I'm thinking it could have been.
    I wasn't dizzy, it was purely a distorted sight thing accompanied by my banging headache I'd had all week.
    Trouble is, once you Google, you leave yourself open to all sorts of worries about something more serious.
    I've also realised that I have hay-fever quite bad.
    Not realising the pollen is high and spending hours a day in the garden and plonking myself in a seat directly underneath a heavily pollened tree. Yes, I am stupid.
    Anyway, with all that and now I seem to be suffering from Lock-down fatigue.
    Having to drag myself out of bed to sit on the sofa is a major task at the moment.
    I've always said, "the less you do, the more you don't want to do anything".

    Sue, I'm not surprised you are feeling anxious and depressed. You are not alone. And I'm sure there are people experiencing anxiety and depression for the first time in their lives.
    The best thing to do is remind yourself there is a valid reason for this and keep a routine going as much as possible.
    Sue, your familiar are symptoms are just that. Familiar reaction to the situation and deep buried worry.
    You are amazingly tough in situations that you have to tackle, but your mind has to release this somehow and its in the form of symptoms.
    You know they are not harmful, just uncomfortable and annoying.
    Although you already know that, I'm just reminding you. x

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Thanks, Mrs. C.... it was a great reminder and WELL NEEDED! Now it makes sense, and of course you're right. When anxiety builds up it needs to leak out in any way it can. If I can't burn it off by being busy, it's going to send out those physical anxiety symptoms. And OH BOY are you right about the lack of motivation! I am so angry and frustrated at myself because there are so many things I could be and should be doing during this quarantine time, but I just can't seem to make myself do them! When this is all over and we are back to busy lives, we are so going to regret the time we wasted during isolation. So I guess I either need to kick myself in the butt to accomplish a pre-set number of things per day, OR I have to give in and accept that it's not going to get done during this time and that I should embrace and accept this down-time as a way to rest and recover from physical and mental ailments. Maybe just give ourselves permission to be slugs so when we look back on this we can say we enjoyed it to the fullest.

    My seahorse had babies the other day so that means a LOT more tank work to be done, and normally that is an exciting, fun project, but since I have zero motivation to move, even that is feeling like a chore to me, and that saddens me. But today I will at least get something somewhat suitable set up to try and save some of them.... I will even be more frustrated and depressed if I let them all die without trying.

    Regarding your vision disturbance, I think it most definitely was either the hayfever/allergies, or the glasses, or the combination of both! It takes our brain time to adjust to our eye movements and different range of focus, and as we get older the reaction time is slower. I learned that during my bout of labyrinthitis.... the brain needs to learn to compensate for the ear and eye disturbances and as it's doing that, it's exhausting. So try to tell yourself that if this happens more than 3 times in a 3 day period, then you might need to have it checked out. But if it were just the one incident and hasn't happened again in 24 hours, it was just a fluke and give yourself permission to forget about it. (Easier said than done, I know).

    I'm not sure why this isolation is starting to get to me because my life hasn't changed all that drastically. I still go to the animal shelter the same amount of time and I never was a big shopper. But I guess it's the underlying anxiety that we get filled with by the media, and the fear of running out of essential items, that are subconsciously bothering me even if I don't realize it. And let's not forget, I used to go nearly out of my mind on the days my husband worked from home, and now it's been several weeks of that non-stop. Surprisingly I haven't been that agitated by it, but apparently under the surface it's taking it's toll.

    We will all look back and marvel at this unique time in our lives but for now I guess "acceptance" is the key. We're doing the best we can, and we have to trust the Universe. I'm going to fake a happy mood and positive attitude now and hope that it kicks in. Wish me luck!

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    I'd just like to tell you this thread is really inspiring, Carnation. I have round the clock anxiety and it's extremely helpful to read how someone else manages this level of anxiety.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Quote Originally Posted by Carnation View Post
    Hi Sue

    I remember reading something on my phone and the words becoming slightly blurred as if when you are feeling dozy. This happens a lot. I reached for my reading glasses which I never normally wear because a well known Opticians that advertise massively on the TV gave me some glasses that puts everything on a slant.
    I took them off and then I had a situation where the words were completely unreadable and I had blurred vision to my far righthand side.
    I didn't think at the time it could have been the glasses, but now I'm thinking it could have been.

    I have used a SSimilar optician and gave for 2 years on the run now had glasses provided that have distorted my vision dreadfully - I wear varifocals - and spend most of my time with a finger on the bridge keeping them in a suitable position! I moved to them on recommendation but won't be going back, will be going to an independent optician.

    It is incredible how much pain it can create - not just in strained eyes, stinging eyes, but headaches and neckache!

    Sorry to jump in to your post, but was delighted to see it wasn't me being an awkward patient lol!! x

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Oh Sue, you always manage to find the right words and a gentle way of 'not to worry'. x
    It has been 3 days and my sight has been fine. Well apart from the usual lightheadedness and wobbly head.
    Mr C said its nothing to worry about but he says that about everything, lol.

    I'm glad you brought up the bifocals, I've been thinking about trying them. I know they have their downside too. Like you say you have to keep adjusting them according to what you are doing.
    Sometimes I think we are better off just going around squinting and straining half the time, because I've never been able to feel comfortable and confident in glasses. x

    AmandaG, you are welcome.
    Always a relief when you don't feel alone in your suffering. x

    Coming back to you Sue. I'm exactly the same.
    Soooo many projects and jobs to do. Can I be asked? Of course not. But if this Lock-down carries on, I'm going to make sure I do at least one thing everyday off my list.
    Lists remind of Darksky. I do hope she is ok. Not heard from her in quite some time.

    Sue, I think your other half is not bothering so much because this is a different situation to your normality.
    It could be it actually makes you feel safe knowing there is someone around during this difficult time. I know I do. x

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Hoping that everyone on this thread is ok? The focus on NMP is so very much concentrated on CV these days but life goes on and we all have to get through the hours and battle our own demons in addition to coping with the changes in routine that CV brings..

    I just look forward to being able to walk into a shop again..without queuing. I know it's for a very valid reason but it will just be so good to walk in...eventually and I will never take it for granted again! I hate waiting for anything as I always feel up against the clock so this is just something I will have to cope with like everyone else.

    Happy Easter to you all! xx

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    I've been thinking about you Pulisa
    Especially adapting to this situation we are all in.
    I'm not hearing of many people that are not suffering from Lock-down fatigue. And the motivation to do any so called jobs is nonexistent. For one thing, if you manage to master any energy to clear out a cupboard or wardrobe, what do you do with it? You can't take it anywhere.
    And if you think about a bit of decorating or DIY job, you'd find it difficult getting the tools. Even gardening is affected with garden centres being closed and seeds being difficult to get hold of. If you are lucky enough to get the seeds, you can't get the pots.
    So that leaves us with tv smothered in coronavirus programmes, repeats and weird programmes that have been adjusted into, 'filmed from your own home'.
    We watched a very strange adaption of 'Have I Got News For You' with awkward being the operative word.

    I've set up an online group in my local area for people that are suffering from anxiety and depression.
    I didn't realise so many did in my area and I'm sure they'll be many more as time goes on.
    People are taking this situation very seriously now. So much that any person that is not recognised as a resident is attacked with verbal abuse and threatening letters.
    I can't say I've seen that many people taking their daily walk either. I'm sure there are people that either can't for physical reasons or just can't be bothered.
    I've spent a lot of time in the garden.
    I was lucky in the sense that I'd already bought many seeds before this kicked off and the pots.
    But you can grow tomato plants from the seed of an actual tomato and grow potatoes that have shoots from being in the cupboard for a while.
    My lettuces will need repotting soon and my kale is showing. But my runner beans are struggling and I'm normally Magic fingers with those.
    I've done so much weeding that I'm now on to the cracks in the pavement, lol.

    My sleeping has not been too great. I wake up early and can't get back to sleep and it makes me feel sluggish all day long.
    And Mr C is spending almost the whole day online reading about conspiracy theories which I then have to listen to.
    But I managed to get a good stock of chocolate to last me the weekend. I'd given it up, but hey, this is an emergency situation.

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