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Thread: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Thanks Darksky x
    Actually now I think about it, I did quite well.
    I mean the room was really small. Put a washing machine and tumble dryer in there and that would be it. You couldn't even close the door. I must commentated on it about 4 times while in there. In fact I thought we were trying out a coffin for size.
    The lady was wearing drab grey with one of those long drawn out voices and and had staring eyes that seemed to penetrate my mind as if to say, "you're next!" and what's with the two radiators?
    No, I did very well.
    I didn't run out of the door.
    I just turned to my o/h and said, "Do you need me for anything set else as I'd like to get some air?".
    Luckily he said no.

    The thing is Darksky is the stuff in the house is mainly my partners as he lived with her and some of my stuff too. So we were quite concerned when he said that.
    We've put him right though.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Carnation even people without anxiety sometimes need to take themselves out of as situation like that for a breather that's just normal so no need to even question your actions . I hate being in small spaces with people especially rooms with no windows , I won't even go for an eye test because I'd feel trapped , you're doing fine
    A mates partner died recently and her son went in the house before the funneral , my mate said it looked like the house had been burgled, his brother might just want things to keep and remember her by but the timing isn't great .
    Old gypsies used to have the right idea they would put all the belongings in the caravan of the person who'd died and set fire to it , no falling out over possessions, at the end of the day it's just stuff .
    When I go my daughters will fall out over who has to clear all my junk , I'm like bloody steptoe .
    Take care .

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Not sure I should be laughing but your comment about trying out a coffin for size really did make me smile.
    I actually did need a smile..had an awful visit to my mothers. She's had diarrhoea and sickness and she's giving up. She feels a burden and said we would feel relieved when she died. She's got over a broken hip and sepsis and was doing fine but the diarrhoea has pulled her down...maybe a side effect of omeprazole or her diverticulitis. The sickness is connected to reflux, they want to do a camera but she won't have that. She says she knows what they are looking for. But she's been downing gavescon for so long, she would have been long gone if it was bad. I don't know, it's like she's had enough, feels a burden with all the bed washing etc. I told her off and told my sister to make sure she got out of bed tomorrow. I don't think lying in bed does old folks any good at all and she's weak from the sickness. Anyway, I got in the car and had a good cry.
    Sorry to hijack your thread Carnation.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Not at all Darksky. x
    I meant the comment about the coffin size to be tongue in cheek.
    Been down that road with my mum Darksky :(
    My mum used to say all of those things to me.
    Its very difficult to get older people motivated, they mainly need people to chat to and that is not always possible. The worry can be exhausting, but they will worry more about you. x

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    Thanks Buster, I know things are tough for you at the moment. x It really wore me out today.
    Never change Buster, you are great as you are, but maybe sling the anxiety.

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    I just have to tell you about this....
    As you know I had an injured foot after my o/h stepped on it when he leaned back to look at something.
    I went to have treatment on it from a injury therapist.
    After about 3 weeks, she then decided I had hairline fractures in my toes as well as a tendon injury and advised I get an X ray. It was Christmas Eve and I couldn't face it, what with my Partner's mum being very ill at that time, so went in to a chemist and bought what looked like toe supports. Not being quite with it at the time, I didn't bother reading the packaging.
    Well last night I thought I would replace them and took a glance at the packet. They were corn pads.
    worse than that. I then read the information on the back which read, 'Warning! Do not wear for more than 18 hours'. I had been wearing them for 13 days!!!!!! For someone with health anxiety, I had definitely overstepped the mark with safety. What a twit I am.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    After cocooning myself on the sofa, like I have done for most of this week and feeling sorry for myself and governed by my lightheadedness, I found strength to do something about it today.
    First, I tried out some balancing exercises. This if went well would rule out any balance issues and tell my brain that I was physically OK.
    Then some exercises that involved quick turning and bending. All ok there.
    On the basis of that I went to tell Mr C and on walking I was lightheaded again. :(
    Not to be beat and determined to beat my fear, I then went in to the garden and paced around a bit.
    All ok there.
    On that result I then asked Mr C if we could get a bit of shopping.
    And again, was absolutely fine.
    Got home, went in to the kitchen and lightheaded again.
    My point is.......
    Although you might feel lightheaded, it is more of feeling of the mind and not a physical disability.
    Try stuff to tell your mind that you are ok and in time you will be able to do more and more.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Could have been worse, Carnation. Not paying attention I came out with a very long stick of chewing gum:

    Look at it another way, 13 days and all's well If something was going to go wrong, it would have and it's probably more about having pressure on something covered up from the air as there won't be any medications in them.

    I doubt they would do anything for toes anyway even if you went to A&E. My GF broke her big toe once and just hobbled (and drove) around with it until it sorted itself out as she didn't think they would do anything. Fingers & toes, unless they are bent out of shape, I doubt they do anything so it's likely putting up with the pain until it's healed.

    I know what you mean about just carrying on. Many of the threads on here have something they are aimed towards yet with GAD it's often just "there". It blights everything.
    For free Mindfulness resources, please see this thread I have created to compile many sources together

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Hi Terry
    Keep that humour going through 2019

    Yep, you are absolutely right about A&E probably not helping as several people I have spoken to were just sent away to let the injury heal naturally.
    Thinking back as a child when I broke my arm, they basically stuck that in a sling.

    Isn't it amazing the way the body heals itself and the process it goes through.
    As we sleep, the body goes through a repairing process.
    My blood shot eye has almost gone now.
    We should all have more faith in our wellbeing.
    After all, we are probably all guilty of not maintaining our bodies inside and out.
    Nature is amazing!

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    So, where am I now?
    My foot is doing ok as long as I don't overdo the walking or stand too long.
    Blood shot eye is 90% gone, but now scared because several people have told me it is a warning sign for something more serious. So took myself in to the opticians quivering in my boots to get an appointment. "February", she said, until I explained how concerned I was as an anxiety sufferer and she then managed to squeeze me in first thing in the morning next Tuesday.(Her daughter suffers from anxiety) Pleased to say that she had not heard of a blood shot eye being a warning for something dangerous, but the stupid person who told me this has not realised the damage she has caused to my overthinking and anxiety.

    My anxiety yesterday was so exhausting it resulted in tears.
    I felt so lightheaded and I had got to the point of just basically being sick of fighting and trying to cope and carry on. I sat on my bed shouting, "I'm sick of it, sick of it! Why can't I feel normal and lead a normal life?"
    Although I have said stuff like this before, I haven't for a long time and looking back on yesterday, I realise with my injuries and Mr C's mum passing, it's just all tipped me over the edge.
    I'm not one to give up and I have had periods of feeling very close to 100%.
    So, I'm relying on the 'time' factor to make me feel better again, that's if I am not going to die from my blood shot eye.

    Mr C has been opening up more and I am pleased he is.
    We have a long wait for the funeral. It's not until the end of the month.
    Oh my, don't we wait a long time for funerals these days?
    Neither of us feel like doing much. To be honest, we are still processing it all, especially as we were both carers for her too.
    It's opened wounds with my mum as well as that has not even been two years since she passed. At least I can tell Mr C why he feels a certain way and be there for him.

    I've been having trouble sleeping through the night and waking and not been able to return to sleep for weeks now.
    Last night I tried some music for good sleep via an app on my phone.
    I fell asleep quickly, but unfortunately I still woke up twice and laid there for a couple of hours while my mind tried to destroy my sanity.
    But, I do feel more energised, so think I'll give it go tonight as well.

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Try not to stress about your eye. If it had come on randomly you may have cause to think hmmm what's that about? But you poked yourself in the eye with a mascara wand, keep that thought upper most.
    It's a sad fact that in the winter funerals take longer to come round :( Those that have passed don't care but those that are left need to turn the page. But I'm glad Mr C is opening up a bit, men can keep their emotions bottled up which makes us feel useless because we don't know how to help.
    I sleep with a fan on all night. In the winter it's not blowing on me much but the noise sends me off to sleep generally. Give me a power cut and I'll show you a restless night.

    Anyway Christmas had the last laugh with me I'm afraid. As I was putting the tree back in the loft, the metal loft ladders came unhooked and crashed down on my chest. One broken rib later and even breathing kills. Then I catch a bad throat/cough...sod it, it hurts : (
    But you gotta laugh...haven't you?

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    Re: Relapse! Coping, Symptoms and Tips.

    Oh no Darksky, x
    ~Suddenly my eye doesn't seem so bad.
    I didn't think there was anyone else as accident prone as me.
    My cousin says I should be wrapped in bubble wrap permanently!!!!
    Even today, we went in to 3 shops and I managed to knock over stuff in all three shops. And about 4 years ago, I sat in a chair to try it out and a picture fell on my head and I couldn't lay down in bed for two nights.
    I've hit my head shutting the car boot door, several times.
    Shut my finger in the door, several times.
    Walked in to a window twice and had bumps the size of ping pong balls.
    Walked in to a kitchen cupboard door I stupidly left open.
    Got hit by a cricket ball, which knocked me out.
    Got hit by a car and came out unscathed.
    Broke my arm when I stood on something to look over a garden fence.
    Went up a tree to cut the branches and the ladder swung back and on returning the branch hit me in the chest. (that was only 3 years ago)
    Got the needle from a sewing machine through my finger when I stupidly forgot to move it when moving the material.
    Hey, just realised, I'm pretty tough after all.
    Like I said in my previous post, we should have more faith in the healing of our bodies and mind for that fact. We are forever hearing about doom and gloom on the tv, radio and newspapers, but we rarely hear about the miracles of life. And I for one, know they exist.
    Take it easy Darksky

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