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Thread: Perimenopause???

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    Hi. My periods have been between 30 and 37 days for ever. The last one was 47 days and I still havenít come on this month so itís now 48 days. My breasts hurt as though Iím due to start but nothing. Iím 46 years old and worried about all sorts. Anyone else had anything similar.

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    Re: Perimenopause???

    Please read the below post from Admin. You are posting about a lot of different things frequently. Perhaps start a thread where you can keep all of your worries in one place.

    Can posters, especially those who are posting a lot about a variety of fears please confine their posts to one thread.

    This helps others to build up a clear picture of what is happening and makes it easier to offer suitable advice.

    You may not see the pattern but usually it is there, especially if you are posting frequently about different things.

    Due to technical problems it is proving difficult to merge posts so for the moment any posts that we feel should be on a previous thread will be closed, allowing you the opportunity to re-post on your existing thread.

    Your co-operation with this would be greatly appreciated.

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