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    Panicking - need reassurance


    So, I know Iím overreacting, I just need someone else to tell me it! I was just putting some chicken in the oven and did what I always do which is give t a sniff to check itís ok. But I got too close and it touched my nose. I immediately washed my hands and was then stood at the sink rubbing washing liquid on my nose but Iím worried I was just spreading the germs around onto my upper lip and that now I might ingest some!

    Even just typing that out made me realise how silly Iím being, but could really do with someone else just telling me Iím ridiculous!

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    Re: Panicking - need reassurance

    Youíre overreacting, and youíre fine.

    Iíve done that with a chicken before too! Enjoy your dinner

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