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Thread: Can adult ADHD/ADD contribute to anxiety?

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    Can adult ADHD/ADD contribute to anxiety?

    So i've had really bad anxiety for about 10 years now, (i'm 30), mainly with leaving the house and the further I would have to go the worse it would be. Have had propranolol on repeat for when I need to go anywhere out of the norm. Only last year did I finally ask the dr if I could talk to someone rather than just having pills all the time, and after a phone call a week it seems a lot of my responses where about me getting stuck somewhere or not being able to get home, and not because home was a safe place, but because of all my gaming consoles, computer, tv with movies and shows where there, as well as electricity for it all so I'm not worrying about batteries running low on my phone or handheld gaming consoles. Also my attention span is really low so I need all these things to keep me occupied. The thought of say driving somewhere far and getting stranded, although i'd have my car for shelter and i've been fed and watered, it's the fidgeting and twiddly thumbs that scare me.
    So wondering if these adhd/add tendencies are why my anxieties that bad? Has anyone heard or come across this before?

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    Re: Can adult ADHD/ADD contribute to anxiety?

    Dang, no one?

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    Re: Can adult ADHD/ADD contribute to anxiety?

    I would say that there's most likely a connection. I have ADD and terrible anxiety to boot. I'm sure a quick google search would turn up some info regarding the topic.

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