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    Re: CBD Oil

    Quote Originally Posted by Capercrohnj View Post
    The most effective way of using cannabis is using our under the tongue if you can handle the taste. It isn't as fast acting as smoking but it works for a longer period of time. I personally use a 10:10 (9.8 mg/ml THC and 9.9 mg/ml CBD) oil by prescription from a licensed producer. I take it 2x a day and I make sure I wait at least an hour between it and my other medications.

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    @lamgroot what LP do you get your plants from? I am currently buying my oil from cannimed but they don't sell plants.
    It's very interesting that you can cultivate your own. What is the yield? I'm not sure how this sits with the law in the UK as we have some legislation surrounding combining elements into a product that make some things illegal but as long as the CBD content is <% legal limit you would hope it is fine.

    I've never seen it sold for cultivation though but it's been a while since I looked into it and things are moving on with recent campaigning for things like medicinal cannabis use so maybe they are out there?
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    Re: CBD Oil

    Mynameisterry- in Canada we are allowed to grow up to 4 plants for medical reasons if you have a "prescription"

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    Re: CBD Oil

    I thought I'd add a positive for CBD products. For me, marijuana has been a very effective "medication" for the chronic issues I suffer from cancer treatment and all the surgeries I've had pertaining to that and my heart issues. Besides the legal ramification, one certainly cannot use it all the time.

    That's where the CBD products come in. After much research, I finally purchased some oil and a topical salve. OMG! It works great! A dab on a sore joint and the pain is nearly alleviated! A couple of drops under my tongue and the body aches and painful side effects are lessened dramatically. It's interesting, there is a physical aspect to it that I can feel but it's minus the "high" the marijuana induces.

    I hope medical science researches this more as I believe it can help many with a variety of issues.

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