It's been many years since I posted on here. My journey with citalopram started 10 years ago! I've been up to 40mg and down to
10mg many times but never successfully come off it. Me and my husband are hoping to start a family soon and we know that we need IVF to avoid passing on a genetic condition on my side of the family. Anyhow, I have to come off my citalopram for pregnancy. So over about 5-6months I reduced my 20mg dose very slowly to nothing 4 weeks ago. Felt ok ish, nothing I couldnt cope with. First two weeks, started with really weird vivid dreams, then insomnia, the constant nausea, migraines...then it got worse...crying at everything, uncontrollable emotions, feeling very irritable, short tempered, anger, and worst of old friend detachment and derealisation/depersonalisation. This is by far the scariest of symptoms. I've read it's a common withdrawal symptom and will pass in time but right now I feel like a deer in the head lights. My nervous system is going crazy! All my senses are super sensitive like I've been switched on. I've done my research and have started on a number of supplements to try aid my recovery: 5htp 100mg with vit b, omega 3, magnesium, probiotics, oral lavender oil, vit would be really helpful to hear other people's experiences of withdrawal, as right now I'm feeling pretty lonely I'm
My little DR/DP bubble. Waiting to get back to reality :(