First off hello everyone!
And secondly sorry for my grammar, I am french.

A little background since I am new here. I have been suffering from severe On and Off anxiety and panic attacks since the age of 20 years old (29 now), never been diagnosted with any hearth related problems, never really took more tests than ecg and bloods either. I am a little on the heavy side (around 190 and 200lbs). Been a heavy smoker (a pack a day) for about 16 years. Switched to e-cigs 2 days ago due to my anxiety coming back full blown and scaring the shnitz out of me about everything that could be potentially unhealthy, making me start back on citalopram 40mg a month ago. I don't know why im describing all of this for, i feel like im talking to doctors... anywhoo

I am sure it's not the first time this sort of question is asked in this forum, but I have run out of people in real to talk to as I am scared to anoy them with my problems. Don't take me wrong, I am scared to anoy the friendly computer people to

As I said, a month ago my anxiety came back full blown, called 911 because I was out of breath and my hearth pounding like my chest wanted to explode. The nurse made a ecg test and probably did not find any anomaly, since the doctor came back and asked about my recurring anxiety disorder, I told im that i did have this disorder, so he just said that he din't need to pass some blood test and that it's probably related to the anxiety, and started me back on the citalopram.

So my question is, if the ECG din't show any anomalies (i presume), do you personnaly think that I am still freaking out for no reason after a month or should I calm down? Because the attacks are still occuring and maybe im imagining the symptoms, but my left arms hurts and feel "tight" sometimes and I feel pressure in my back and chest (also sometimes).