Hi folks. Anyone have advice for me on agoraphobia? I think I may have or be developing it. I am a 47 year old single dad and work as a field service engineer which involves driving up and down the country often with overnight stays. This I have done for many years and usually enjoy the role, however I am going through another bout of health anxiety and I am now finding that the further I travel away from my home, the intensity of my panic increases. Especially about ectopic heart beats and missed beats as I seem to be suffering these at the moment. I am constantly worrying about when I will get them next. I am constantly feeling my pulse rate and if its going to fast I panic and if I think it's going to slow, I panic. I have had time off work but have had to return due to only being paid SSP. I have a teenage son and could not live off of the SSP payments. Thing is I am back at work and suffering in silence as I daren't tell my employer about my mental health for the fear of either losing my job or them not understanding. There is still a certain amount of stigma regarding mental health and I am masking it continually but I am nearly at breaking point.