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Thread: Health anxiety with agoraphobia.. affecting my employment

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    Health anxiety with agoraphobia.. affecting my employment

    Hi folks. Anyone have advice for me on agoraphobia? I think I may have or be developing it. I am a 47 year old single dad and work as a field service engineer which involves driving up and down the country often with overnight stays. This I have done for many years and usually enjoy the role, however I am going through another bout of health anxiety and I am now finding that the further I travel away from my home, the intensity of my panic increases. Especially about ectopic heart beats and missed beats as I seem to be suffering these at the moment. I am constantly worrying about when I will get them next. I am constantly feeling my pulse rate and if its going to fast I panic and if I think it's going to slow, I panic. I have had time off work but have had to return due to only being paid SSP. I have a teenage son and could not live off of the SSP payments. Thing is I am back at work and suffering in silence as I daren't tell my employer about my mental health for the fear of either losing my job or them not understanding. There is still a certain amount of stigma regarding mental health and I am masking it continually but I am nearly at breaking point.

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    Re: Health anxiety with agoraphobia.. affecting my employment

    Nobody any advice?

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    Re: Health anxiety with agoraphobia.. affecting my employment

    Hi Robbie,

    I wanted to respond here because I didnít want you to feel like you were alone. I have mitral valve prolapse and sometimes experience flutters or a racing heart. I know that itís really scary when it happens away from home, but try to focus on your breath. Instead of checking your pulse, try to inhale slowly and exhale slowly. Whether your heart is racing from your condition or your anxiety, the breathing will help to at least calm you mentally. If your heart really starts to act up, go to your cardiologist and ask for a stress test. That should give you peace of mind.

    I do hope this helped in some way, and I hope you feel better soon!

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    Re: Health anxiety with agoraphobia.. affecting my employment

    Not too sure I should be suggesting this, as it's not facing your problem, but if you do feel yourself slipping into severe health anxiety or agoraphobia, is there any chance you could just take jobs that aren't so far away?

    Go for a checkup like latern said. That could maybe help? You probably won't be able to go any strong sedatives whilst driving, but you could perhaps try something like an anti depressant, which usually help with anxious feelings too over the long term.
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