My wife and I have recently had our second child 10 days ago. We are both over the moon with our little boy and couldnít be happier but I feel my body and mind have reacted dramatically with the experience of birth.
Since our boy was born I have had a strange feeling of absentness, I am not sure how to explain. My head just feels fuzzy, dizzy and not at all like myself. I am finding it very difficult to concentrate and my temper is very short.
It might be a good idea to point out that I have felt this way before after a dramatic event, I feel my mind just cannot cope with certain situations and the adrenaline gets the better of me.
Iíve been feeling this way for almost 10 days now, and it effecting is both. I need to be there for my family and not this person I am at the moment.
Does anyone know what I am experience or why it happened? Am I going to feel better? Iím a little confused with the situation and any imformation or advice is welcome.