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    Unhappy Conspiracy Theories

    So I was just browsing around on the Internet, not looking for anything specific when I came across a comment that said McDonaldís is made from the flesh of children, then I discovered the movie Soylent Green, and itís all gone downhill from there, and Iím afraid to eat anything from fear it is made from human flesh disguised as meat. I feel like Iím going crazy and Iím so so scared that we are currently living in Soylent Green, and I just wish I never stumbled across that comment in the first place. I feel like a paranoid wreck now. I hate conspiracy theories.

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    Re: Conspiracy Theories

    I know once you fixate on something its hard
    But really, do try to think logically here

    Mcdonalds meat is not made from human flesh
    Just a friendly reminder... Google is NOT your friend.

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    Re: Conspiracy Theories

    I stumbled on this and was intrigued. I too have heard people say that flesh, babies, dogs, etc are all used in our fast foods. Sometimes, just sometimes, conspiracy theories are made up rubbish, by very bored people, or folks with an axe to grind. If you watch YouTube there are many videos that show how the food is made. I was impressed about their chicken nuggets, they show from start to finish, and they use fresh, white meat chicken, with no fillers, and not a lot of junk. Now granted they may not be the healthiest things to eat but once I saw the video I had a craving for some.

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    Re: Conspiracy Theories

    I have a really big thing for conspiracy theories, I'm a bit obsessed with them. But this isn't one of them. I know for a fact that big chains (not the little greasy spoons and one off ratburger stalls) like McDs are really heavily audited these days. There's just noooo way.

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    Re: Conspiracy Theories

    CTs are almost always a load of baloney, usually concocted by smart alecs with nothing better to do, in pursuit of their proverbial 'fifteen minutes of fame'!!

    I never take them seriously without knowing the full facts in advance.

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