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Thread: Bitcoin Good/Bad

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    Re: Bitcoin Good/Bad

    Don't buy into the Internet hype over bitcoin. It's bull. The bubble burst. If you was lucky like I was you had a few bitcoins from back when their value was a dollar. Sadly I didn't hold onto my wallet. Left jail and the computers I had were gone. Gutted.

    There is profit to be made in coins, but it's not bitcoin. There's lots of smaller coins. Stella Lumens are another coin. I purchased loads at a low price and sold them when high. Only made a few hundred but profit is profit.

    Do a lot of reading about cryptocurrencies, how they work etc, before you delve into the game.

    Most people promoting bitcoin these days are liars and are affiliate marketing to get you to sign up to some scam and have your credit card rinsed dry.

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    Re: Bitcoin Good/Bad

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    Re: Bitcoin Good/Bad

    Well spotted there You got a keen eye. The person did exactly what I said they do right under my post. The cheek of it.

    I hope BBUK is doing well though, not heard from him in a while.
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