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    I just discovered what agoraphobia is !

    I found this out by purely looking on a thread and then googling symptoms
    My interpretation of agoraphobia was
    You were housebound, couldnít get out of the house.
    DP interpretation was
    Fear of open spaces

    The nhs site is this interpretation
    Shopping,any situation where queuing is involved
    Keeping appointments, Hospital,dentist,hairdresser etc
    Visiting friends,or inviting friends to visit
    Attending family celebrations
    Attending school,lectures,employment etc

    This is me to a tea Iíve been like this since Iíve been 25 on and off bouts and now aged 60 and itís with me again.
    Gp,psych diagnosis me with GAD

    I canít believe Iíve just found out what agoraphobia really is at age 60 lol

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    Re: I just discovered what agoraphobia is !

    There is this page about it on here:

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    Re: I just discovered what agoraphobia is !

    Iím mid 30s, have had agoraphobia for at least last 10 years if not more. How does it affect you? Do you go out much? I can go on for months without going out at all.

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