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Thread: Daily anxiety

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    Daily anxiety

    So today has been a really good day I ave been out with my fiancé and felt positive all day then when it comes to night time I find myself feeling panicky my anxiety takes over and I find it hard to focus it makes it hard to be on my own and in a way I’m scared to be on my own so I try and stay round people all the time

    I want to get to the point that I feel confident to spend time on my own and not rely on people to pick me up all the time

    Any tips from anyone going through the same thing on how they deal with this ?

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    Re: Daily anxiety

    I think Danielle that during the evening and nighttime, it is easy to dwell on our feelings as being alone allows us the time and solitude to do so. How would it feel if perhaps you thought about all you have achieved today? Which is a lot and something for which you should be proud.

    Try to think exactly what it is about being alone that makes you anxious. Were you anxious last night? If so, that anxiety has been proven baseless because look what you did today
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    Re: Daily anxiety

    Thank you I think it’s just the thought of having to face another day and if it’s not the same as today I have intrusive thoughts so I think I get more scared of them coming back than anything else I think I’m scared to be alone with just my mind because I can’t escape it thank you so much for the advice I will Definately take it and use it

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