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Thread: thoughts on restarting citalopram...

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    thoughts on restarting citalopram...

    Hi all,
    i've been free of Citalopram for over a year (stopped end of Jan 2017) and have been feeling great up to January of this year. slowly but surely the anxious me has started to take hold...

    I was taking them for 4 years - 20mg was the effective dose for me although occasionally i was taking 30mg... They really helped and i was my normal self for 3 1/2 of the 4 years.

    I really want to ride this one out but as i'm sure you'll appreciate its tiring feeling anxious alot and starts to effect your day to day ... the desire to be 'normal' again is very strong, particularly in the mornings.

    I'm sure many here have been in the same situation - would love to here your experiences/thoughts.

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    Re: thoughts on restarting citalopram...

    Hi I'm in kinda same situation, only I ain't stopped taking cit, I'm on 20mg n have been the last 4yr which I've felt great n now all of a sudden im back to being anxious 24/7 n just can't shake it off...I'm terrified it's not going to go away n I'm.scared to up my dose as it was hurrendous when I started citalopram :(

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    Re: thoughts on restarting citalopram...

    That's why you should ask your doctor for a will take care of those nasty feelings without having to up your dosage..

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