To put my anxiety to rest my new doctor referred me to have an ultrasound on my stomach since Iíve been having some uncomfortable sensations off and on for about two years. The experience this morning was less than stellar. The tech was all over the place and wasnít really making me feel like I was okay. I glanced up at the screen a few times and saw weird stuff but idk if itís normal weird or bad weird. Iím really freaked out and have to wait one to two days for any kind of results. Iím terrified. Did I wait too long and is there a problem now? What if itís the big C the thing Iím so freaking terrified of? What if something has been wrong this whole time and I am now just strong enough to advocate and demand answers? My husband thinks I am fine and need to calm down. He wasnít helpful this morning either. I just want to cry and be alone but I have to get it together and go to work. The last also ran the stick thing over the spot where itís heen most annoying multiple times without me having to even tell her that was the spot...Iím so incredibly freaked out.