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Thread: Agoraphobic in planes

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    Agoraphobic in planes

    Hi everyone!

    Iím pretty new to this forum, but I just wanted to see if I can ramble here with how Iím feeling. Iíve done a lot of reading from some of the articles that nomorepanic has posted, and I never realized that this fear that Iíve been feeling is agoraphobia. I always thought that agoraphobia was the fear of open, wide places.
    Iím not afraid to leave my house. I have a full time job and need to commute 90 minutes to and from everyday, and I do this with no problem. However, the minute I have to get on a plane, I freak out. I hate it.
    This fear started when I was on a red eye once and my blood sugar dropped and I almost passed out. Now I have this constant fear that something will happen to me, like Iíll get sick or not be able to stop shaking or panicking. I feel trapped on a plane, claustrophobic. I also feel nervous once I land that Iím going to be sick on my trip and be so far from home and not be able to enjoy it.
    I leave for a trip tomorrow and Iíve felt sick, tired and had a headache all day. Do others have this experience? Please let me know.


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    Re: Agoraphobic in planes

    Hi again, everyone.
    Iím actually leaving for the flight home in the morning. I actually pushed my trip up for numerous reasons, but today I woke up in chills. I absolutely HATE flying.

    If anyone has any words of encouragement, it would really help.

    Thanks so much.

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    Re: Agoraphobic in planes

    Hey Darklantern,
    I feel the same when it comes to flying. Im not scared of heights or crashing but I hate not being able to get off the plane if I want to. I spend the beginning of the flight hunched over with my head in my hands. My wife gets a pretty good kick out of it. Xanax helps a lot but I hate to take pills. A drink will also do the trick. Don't eat anything that causes your blood sugar to crash like sugar before the flight. Carry some peanut butter crackers in case it does. Everything will be fine.

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    Re: Agoraphobic in planes

    I have a more common kind of agoraphobia, but I know being on a plane wouldn't be very comfortable for me since I'd feel out of control and unable to escape, which is partly what agoraphobia is yes. Doesn't help that there's people around probably, because you don't want to freak out and look silly.

    I had a problem with planes before agoraphobia (or the kind I have now). I had a mild fear of flying but nothing much. I wouldn't want to be at home, but I would want to get out and walk around and stuff. Not such a good idea on a plane ha. And walking on a plane didn't seem like much of an alternative either.

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