Hello friends. After 2 years of taking Effexor 75mg at night + Trazodone 15 in the AM + 75mg in the PM , I've started tapering off Trazodone because I want to get myself in a state where I can have kids if I decided to in the next 1-2-3 years.

My pdoc put me on the following plan:

days 1 and 2 - nothing in the AM, 75mg traz and 75 effexor in the PM. 1/2 of 25mg Atarax in the AM, 1 pill 25mg in the PM.

days 3 and 4, same as the above, cutting down traz to 50mg in the PM

days 5 and 6 - same as above, cutting down traz to 25mg in the PM

from day 7 onwards - no trazodone

I didn't take the Atarax at all apart from 1/2 of 25mg at night. I was pretty much fine until day 4 when I started getting side effects - nausea, increased anxiety. Days 5,6 and now it's been 4 days off of traz - I can barely sleep. I have strong tingling in my body and I don't feel good at all. Pdoc advised me to move effexor to the AM and if I still have issues sleeping, that i have to take trazodone and wean off more gradually.

Has anyone else been on this combo and tapered off Trazodone successfully? I was feeling so positive a week ago and now I'm feeling sh*t!! :( :(

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After talking to my pdoc and complaining about how I feel he said to go back to trazodone but take 50% of what I did in the beginning , and also to go see him tomorrow for a new plan..

So now it's 12.5mg in the AM and 38mg in the PM.

Of course now I feel like a baby and wondering whether to be tough and stick to my trazodone-less plan or not put myself through so much misery and taper off more gradually.. but then what if the gradual tapering is equally difficult..