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Thread: 4 weeks of swollen tonsils + Flu-like symptoms too.

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    Re: 4 weeks of swollen tonsils + Flu-like symptoms too.

    Hey TG! So just a quick update regarding my situation! I’ve mostly been doing well, I have had a few more tests done (another blood test, came back slightly abnormal but thy say it might just be a cold) and a chest xray which was normal! I was fearing I was anemic with the beathlessness and pale lips but apparently I’m not so it could be the anxiety playing up.
    Speaking of, the blood test thing sent me into a bit of a spiral about leukemia-lymphoma again (even though I got reassured it’s nothing) but I’ll get that done again in a couple months for peace of mind. Oh and some of the stomach symptoms come and go but I’m not too worried about that

    I still get a teeny tiny bit of everything like the random pains etc but not nearly what it was so I’ll take that as a positive. I’m going to try and pursue the breathlessness but I’m trying meditation and doing therapy to help the anxiety first.

    I’m past the 6month mark (more like seven now! ) I know it could take ages to clear up so I’m working on being patient, and looking out for any weird symptoms although I’m taking the fact that it’s all getting better as reassuring!

    Hope youre well? How did your doctors appointment go?

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    Re: 4 weeks of swollen tonsils + Flu-like symptoms too.

    Aand I'm feverish again..when will this stop??

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    Re: 4 weeks of swollen tonsils + Flu-like symptoms too.

    Are you sure your not bring these sysdoms on yourself? I only saying this as I do it myself. I think something is wrong with me then I start to feel every sysdom

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    Re: 4 weeks of swollen tonsils + Flu-like symptoms too.

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm pretty sure Ι do create some of those symptoms on myself. I also know that maybe when I do have something (which could be completely benign, I just magnify it into something that fits one of my serious disease scenarios. I struggle to accept the anxiety as a solid diagnosis as it's not something you can see on a scan or blood test. Basically because all doctors I've seen just throw that word out like it's nothing.

    I had an interesting discussion with a friend about the symptoms. There are a lot of subconscious processes going on that we can't fully understand. She had this bizarre injury where one of her nerves in her leg got severed and she couldn't move her foot. Her physio said to her 'we're doing the exercises but there's no guarantee. If you want to give this a chance to work you HAVE TO look at your foot and tell your brain to move it up and down. She would sit there giving signals to her brain and eventually it worked.

    I wonder if there is a way to apply this to all those symptoms as well, to tell your brain: no, you can actually breathe fine. No, you don't have a tumor obstructing your airway. No, just keep going. (Humor me, breathlessness is my 'symptom of the week'.. ) We have the mind power to create them, maybe we could have the power to make them go away? Just a thought.

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    Re: 4 weeks of swollen tonsils + Flu-like symptoms too.

    hey throat...
    Any update ?

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    Re: 4 weeks of swollen tonsils + Flu-like symptoms too.

    Quote Originally Posted by ashyam View Post
    hey throat...
    Any update ?
    The OP hasn't been on since September. I would imagine, like most others that ghost the forum, they've moved on from their crisis.

    Positive thoughts
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