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    Can you get withdrawal symptoms after just 1 dose

    Effexor er

    I cant handle it.

    I just took 1 today

    Will i have withdrawal symptoms if i dont take it again.

    I just took 1 37.5er

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    Re: Can you get withdrawal symptoms after just 1 dose

    No, you need to be on them long enough for your body to adjust to them which is why withdrawal symptoms occur.

    Taking these meds can be hard going, I've only tried two meds and struggled greatly to keep going with them. It can be a matter of just fighting through each hour until the side effects calm down.

    Suggest talking to your GP about what you can do if you really can't tolerate a med. Some meds do this to some people and some people are sensitive to them. It can be a matter of starting at very low doses and gradually building up for some people.
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    Re: Can you get withdrawal symptoms after just 1 dose


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