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    Lumps in abdomen - Sarcoma worry.

    First time post on this forum! Have been reading for a few months now. I'm 24.

    The below is a long preamble...

    Back in early Dcember 2017 I started getting left hand side stomach pains, sore rib on the left hand side. I vomited a few times randomly over the course of the month, and was convinced I had stomach cancer. My Doctor prescribed omeprazole which helped extensively.
    I was still worried however, so my Doctor referred me to a specialist to have a endoscopy. It was during this time I found out I had HA. I took many days off work, had panic attacks in the middle of the night etc. All the normal stuff, heart racing, tingling fingers, blocked up throat etc.

    It was found that I had chronic erosive gastritis in the antrum - basically a break down in the stomach lining. Bad, but not cancer! My HA minimized masiclvy

    About this time I started to get discomfort in my left flank, back and just above my groin. I mentioned this to the gastroenterologist, and he thought it was muscular.

    This persisted, so I went back to my Doctor. He sent me away for lumbar spine X-Ray and a groin ultrasound.

    It was found that I had a inguinal hernia, 7mm in size. Got booked in with a general surgeon, and we decided not to operate, due to it not causing me paint where it was located. I mentioned the flank discomfort to him also, and also got told it was muscular.

    I started going to Physo, and have for the last 5 weeks. I don't feel like it is doing much.

    Now, to the main concern! I went on holiday last week, and the pains stepped up to be quite sharp! I felt my stomach, and located in roughly the same space I found some lumps, in fact I found lots of little ones.

    I went to my Dr, and he said he felt one 1cm, and said it was likely a lipoma. I've Dr Google'd this, and from what I can see lipomas are 'floating' in the fat? This is feels more in the muscle, but feel quite distinct.

    The Dr referred me to the same general surgeon I saw before for an opinion, and potentially to do more tests if he saw fit (he is a really good surgeon), however the earliest he could see me was months away!

    I had massive panic attacks that night (30April-1May), and first thing booked another appointment. I went in, and asked for a list of surgeons that he could refer me to, and an ultrasound (I don't think he can arrange MRI's). He also got me to a bloodtest (waiting on results now). I then went through the list and found a surgeon who could see me next week, and called the Dr to send through the referral. That is booked in for the 9th May.

    The earliest they can do my ultrasound is the 8th May. At least that will be done and I won't have to wait for another week to have it.

    I hope the surgeon will schedule an MRI and a Biopsy.

    Anyway, now while I am waiting for all this, I keep thinking it is deadly sarcoma or liposarcoma, and metastasizing, and I'm really annoyed that the Dr's are taking so long! (This is all private BTW, I have some basic health insurance).

    Any idea's how I can last out the next few weeks waiting for things? I'm having slight pain and discomfort, however i'm not taking painkillers. Maybe I should. If it is some form of tumor/cancer, i'm not sure how I will cope. I'm not afraid of dying, however the journey to get there (chemo/radiation/surgery/pain) doesn't sound the greatest!

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    Re: Lumps in abdomen - Sarcoma worry.

    If your doctor thinks it's a lipoma, and you're not going to see the specialist for months, you can be pretty confident it's a lipoma. If anything suspicious was suspected, you'd be seen much quicker.

    As my doctor said to me, anyone with any degree of body fat is going to have lipomas.
    "My only hope is this homemade Prozac... Needs more ice cream."

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    Re: Lumps in abdomen - Sarcoma worry.

    Quote Originally Posted by ServerError View Post
    If your doctor thinks it's a lipoma, and you're not going to see the specialist for months, you can be pretty confident it's a lipoma. If anything suspicious was suspected, you'd be seen much quicker.

    As my doctor said to me, anyone with any degree of body fat is going to have lipomas.
    I don't think he realized that the specialist would take 3 months... it's only a week away now after I chose a different one. I have a bit of body fat, but not a whole lot. My gastritis did cause me to lose a bit due to not feeling like food, however it has been stable for the last couple of months now. It is possible they were there before, however i'm reasonably sure they are new.

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    Re: Lumps in abdomen - Sarcoma worry.

    I'm sure he realized it would take that long as he didn't feel it was of any concern. Regardless, you've taken things into your own hands now and will find out soon enough. I'm with your doctor on this one.

    Positive thoughts
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    Re: Lumps in abdomen - Sarcoma worry.

    Blood test resuts came in:

    Liver normal
    Kidney's normal
    CRP, CBC, WBC normal
    Vitamin C normal.
    Ferritin (iron) high!

    It was 367 and it shouldn't be above 300. I've heard this is a tumor marker? At the beginning of the year when I had my gastritis it was 407 so maybe not too much to worry about?

    I've felt my 'bumps' and realised that many of them have matching bumps on the other side, although smaller.

    Hmm. Looking forward to next week when I can get this all sorted.

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    Re: Lumps in abdomen - Sarcoma worry.

    Had the ultrasound today. The ultrasound tech didn't say much the whole time, and said the report would be sent to my doctor.

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    Re: Lumps in abdomen - Sarcoma worry.

    Please hang in there and do not think too much. I’ve been through similar thing beofre on my left calf. It turned out nonspecific inflamed tissue. What I remember is that the doctor said that sarcoma is so rare you have a better chance winning the lottery. Doctors know what they feel. Yours is believed a lipoma. It will be.

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    Re: Lumps in abdomen - Sarcoma worry.

    I have little lumps in my abdomen, too. I figured it's just fat lumps. Good luck with your appointment!!

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    Re: Lumps in abdomen - Sarcoma worry.

    Okay, so had the appointment. Ultrasound hasn't come through yet. He said they were just fatty lumps from what he could feel.

    He could see that I was anxious is scheduling an MRI to check there is nothing else.

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    Re: Lumps in abdomen - Sarcoma worry.

    Ultrasound results came though, no masses / hernias etc. They also ultrasounded my bladder, kidney's etc and everything looks fine.

    I'm starting to think the lumps may have been there for a while and I've only just noticed them.

    The MRI place was supposed to call me to book an appointment, but haven't and it's been over a week. Is it okay to call the specialist's office to follow up or is that being overly paranoid?

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