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Thread: Jumpy, startle, electric, weak, trembling, shaky...

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    Jumpy, startle, electric, weak, trembling, shaky...

    Do these words describe how any of you feel? Lately it seems like every little thing makes me jump or shake. I bump my arm against something and my arm jumps. Touch my leg against something and it jumps. Hold my hands/fingers out and they shake. Walking feels like I'm bouncing. I feel weak (though I go to the gym and I haven't lost any strength in my lifts). The world feels unreal, my body doesn't feel like mine, I get exhausted easily.

    Ive always had anxiety but its never struck me all at once like this. It used to be like a twitch in my arm one day, then next week its a jelly leg feeling. But now its like everything happening everywhere, like my body is on electric mode. Part of me wonders about early stages of parkinsons.

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    Re: Jumpy, startle, electric, weak, trembling, shaky...

    Curious... does anyone actually take the time to read the articles? I suggested the SYMPTOMS list be pinned to the top of several of the sub-forums with a READ ME FIRST attached.

    All of them are on the Symptoms list.

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