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    Horror movies / Games

    Ive been playing Friday the 13th horror video game lately, and I feel this is numbing my real life anxiety quite well.. So I thought it was just me until I googled it: you can check yourselves.

    It seems like alot more anxious people are on the same boat.

    Does anyone on here relate to this?

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    Re: Horror movies / Games

    Actually, I have the opposite issue with horror or even dystopian films / programmes and games. I really enjoy those genres but find them a definite trigger for my anxiety. Even if I'm in an ok mindset when I start watching them, they seem to trip off the feelings of dread and link me onto other fears

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    Re: Horror movies / Games

    I dont like these games. Then I think about it for weeks and see nightmares(

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    Re: Horror movies / Games

    Yeah they upset me, especially if something shows a human or animal getting tortured. I like the concept of it though, the jump scares on tv calming the jump scares of real life, if it works for you though keep doing it!
    comparison is the thief of joy

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