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Thread: Worried about PIP tribunal

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    Worried about PIP tribunal

    I have suffered severe anxiety and depression for a very long time now which affects my life and been on incapacity benefit since 2004 until I was moved to ESA in 2012.

    Since 2008 I have been on DLA but failed the reassessment and tribunal in 2011. However a few months later I reapplied for DLA and managed to get awarded both the the care and mobility component.

    In 2015 I suffered a major panic attack which has given me long term panic disorder and anxiety and I am bed ridden with this.

    My DLA came to an end in March this year (2018) and I had to make a claim for PIP. I then had to attend a face to face assessment for PIP which was unsuccessful because the so called doctor at the assessment wrote nothing but lies about me.

    I then visited my Welfare Rights Officer who recommended that I apply for a mandatory reconsideration but I was unsuccessful with that too because the letters DWP got from my psychologist and GP didn't mention that my illness affected my life in a bad way which is bullshit because they know it does.

    My Welfare Rights Officer then advised me to appeal this so I had to sign a form for the appeal to begin. My Welfare Rights Officer also advised me to get a letter from my Support Worker.

    I received the letter from my Support Worker last week but I am not happy with what she has written. She only wrote on the letter that I am motivated with goals which is only going to give the tribunals service the decision not to award me PIP and I'll fail the appeal. I am so worried about this that I'm having panic attacks and I'm really thinking if cancelling the appeal.

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    Re: Worried about PIP tribunal

    Hi how did it go always fight and if you have a mental held team ask for and advocate to take of some of the the stress x

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