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Thread: CBT thought record help

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    CBT thought record help

    Well I'm back..
    For the past few days I've actually been doing well. Until today..

    I was having a great time on the ferry at Toronto harbour (Lake Ontario)
    Water splashes on my face while boat is on the way back from the island to habour possibly going up my nose = brain eating amoebas..

    FEELING AT THE TIME: To be honest I was actually quite calm. Over the past few days I trained my brain to stay calm and battle the thought away.
    I'm failing to realize this might be anxiety..?? Because I believe it's actually happening. If someone says go to the ER I'm gonna be there in no time.
    But yeah at the time I was pretty calm anson a bit worried. Now I'm more worried.
    Evidence: brain eating amoebas are found in lakes and dirty water.. Toronto harbour = dirty water.
    Water went on face. Possibly going up nose.
    Evidence against: Lake Ontario is cleaner than other lakes? But yeah it's pretty hot out so idk..
    Water MIGHTve not even gone up nose?
    Guys I don't even know..

    How I feel now: scared worried. I need help.
    Conclusion: I should probably be at the ER.

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    Re: CBT thought record help

    Evidence against:. You had a much greater chance of getting in a boat accident and dying but took that risk and still went out on that boat. Take the risk of not having a brain eating amoeba and don't go to the ER.

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    Re: CBT thought record help

    GOod thing I didn't go to the ER!!


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