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Thread: Online CBT program?

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    Online CBT program?

    Does anyone know where I can find an online CBT program? Prefer its no cost. My insurance doesn't cover a therapist and I really don't want to take medication if I can avoid it. But I want to get over this anxiety so I thought I'd start there.

    Also, has anyone taken the herbal supplement called Bliss anti stress formula? My Dr. gave it me a couple weeks ago but I haven't taken it. I think it works like a Xanax not a long term anxiety med. Thanks!

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    Re: Online CBT program?

    Ummm... right in the pinned post on the page as well as in my signature

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    Re: Online CBT program?

    Indeed, if you look at the sticky posts on the Health Anxiety subforum you'll see a thread for 9 free CBT workbooks that Robin has put up.
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    Re: Online CBT program?

    Thanks everyone! Didn't even notice them up there.

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