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Thread: Ladies - bleeding and normal smear (sorry if tmi)

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    Ladies - bleeding and normal smear (sorry if tmi)

    Hi guys!

    I havenít been on here for a while because Iíve been doing well but Iím facing a bit of a challenge and I can feel the health anxiety trying to creep in. I have been having some symptoms for about 6 months, including bleeding after sex and excess mucus etc. My smear was due in March which came back as normal but with evidence of thrush. The practice nurse said the thrush could explain why I was bleeding a little and to get over the counter treatment. I have since been treated for thrush but am still having bleeding.

    I went back to my GP surgery yesterday and ended up seeing a locum DR. She examined me and took some standard swabs to rule out infections etc. During the exam she noted that my cervix looked Ďa bit redí and I might have a small cyst, which is apparently nothing to worry about. She also talked about a cervical ectropium and said this could explain the bleeding but as I didnít bleed on the exam she wants to refer me to see a gynaecologist. I am assuming this is for a colposcopy but iím unsure. Iíve since had a phone call from my actual GP who wants to wait for my swabs to come back before doing the referral! The exam was not painful but definitely uncomfortable and a little tender.

    I am so so worried that this is something sinister. Despite the Dr explaining other causes of the bleeding, my mind immediately jumped to cervical CA. My mum has recently had treatment for breast cancer so I think this is also playing on my mind. Im also terified of having a colposcopy because of how uncomfortable the swabs were. My last two smears have been normal. I just can focus on anything and feel so down.

    Im not really sure what to expect now and I donít even know what IĎm asking from this post. I guess I just needed to vent to people who would understand

    Thank you xxx

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    Re: Ladies - bleeding and normal smear (sorry if tmi)

    Hi there. Obviously you're doing the right thing getting this investigated, but just to say that I had bleeding in between periods and after sex (even after "difficult poos" - sorry TMI!) for most of my adult life from the time I was a teen. My smears were always clear and investigations never found anything. I'm in my mid 40s now. They thought I had an "erosion" in my cervix they said at one point which could account for bleeding (I've since read posts on here which talk about an ectropion which I think might be the same thing). Anyway, this continued until I had my second child in my early 40s and now it's stopped. No idea why it's stopped. My mum used to say that pregnancy changes things for better or worse, so maybe this is one of the better ones.

    I would prob encourage anyone else to try and get a better diagnosis or treatment than I did back then, but at the same time if it reassures you at all, it's perfectly possible to have these symptoms and it's just a benign thing that you can live with. I really sympathise though as the bleeding is horrible. It put me off sex for a time.

    Oh, and my smears were and always are uncomfortable or a bit sore. Tender is probably a good word, as you describe.


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    Re: Ladies - bleeding and normal smear (sorry if tmi)


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    Re: Ladies - bleeding and normal smear (sorry if tmi)

    Hi, I know this is an old thread! But did you ever find out what was causing the bleeding? Iíve been in the same situation for the past 18 months. To add to the mix, Iím currently 20 weeks pregnant and the symptoms are continuing, which is worrying me even more. I always get checked over and baby is always fine, itís me thatís the issue but that canít seem to work out what that issue is.

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