I have been doing well for a few months with my health anxiety. However, as my therapist says, "When I get stressed my brain goes back to health anxiety to cope even though it's a dysfunctional way to cope." SIGH!!

I just can't trust my own evaluation of body aches and pains when I'm feeing this way. So, I'm turning to you.

Last night I was laying some clothes out to dry on our kitchen table. As I leaned over, my stomach pushed against the corner of the table, and I got a pretty decent pain just underneath and about 4 inches to the left of my belly button. It felt like I'd leaned on a tack or something. The pain only covered a small area - probably no bigger than a quarter. I thought it was just gas, but I checked again this morning and the pain is still there when I lean. Other parts of my stomach don't hurt when lean against the counter. I also cannot reproduce the pain by pressing in the same area with my hands.

Has anyone had something happen like this before? Maybe just a sore muscle? I already go straight to the worst possible scenario. I hate health anxiety!!