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Thread: Just switched to Escitalopram: my experience

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    Re: Just switched to Escitalopram: my experience

    Quote Originally Posted by NervousKel View Post
    But the insomnia continues to linger. I may be visiting the doctor in a few weeks to see what options I have.
    Unfortunately, insomnia can be an ongoing issue for some. But there are ways of at least minimising, if not completely eliminated, including therapy.

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    I've ordered a self-help book on anxiety that should be arriving today. I also plan to read a few self-help books on insomnia.[/QUOTE]


    What book did you order in the end? I hope you manage to get on top of the insomnia. Did you go up to 20mg in the end? Let us know how you go with the GP.

    I'm going back today as I'm so tired of this constant nervousness and agitation I feel - there's never a quick fix out there!

    Good luck!

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    Re: Just switched to Escitalopram: my experience

    The book I bought is called Feeling Good by David Burns. It's based on CBT, and a lot of people say it's helped them. I just started it, and it's definitely giving me a lot to think about.

    I'm still at 15 mg. I'll probably wait until January to increase, in the hopes this blip will run it's course. In the meantime, I'm going to read up on CBT, Mindfulness, etc. It's becoming very clear to me that I need more than just the meds to handle anxiety.

    The insomnia has now turned into sleep anxiety, which is very typical for me when I have anxiety. I took a trazodone last night in order to fall asleep, which now has me thinking negative thoughts such as "I'm going to have to be on sleep meds the rest of my life" and I'm generally just in a low and anxious mood. I put so much pressure on myself to sleep naturally that it totally backfires. I'm hoping to pick up some tips on how to deal with that through reading self-help books.

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    Re: Just switched to Escitalopram: my experience

    Just like to say thanks for your thread, very interesting to read and following your journey

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