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    Where can I get help to see what benefits I'm entitled to ??
    I'm signed off work with stress, actually it's more like depression creeping ever closer but docs are not being too helpful. Probably as I tend to cover up how bad I fear my mood sinking.
    I do zero hours special needs teaching assistant work and frankly I can't do it any more.
    I've been told Citizens advice, community law service etc but frankly I've tried them all in the past and have been given conflicting information.
    I'm annoyed as I'm now 60 and have to wait another 6 years until I can claim my state pension. Hubby died at 55 so he didn't get any pension. I'm fed up.
    Filling in forms etc makes me get very severe panic when I feel like this so I'm struggling.
    Ta for listening

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    Re: Benefits

    Have you tried the online benefit checkers:

    They can give a reasonably accurate idea of what you may be entitled to.

    I also recommend the moneysavingexpert benefits forum for direct advice:

    Tommo x

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    Re: Benefits

    Thanks for that I'll check them out

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    Re: Benefits

    In my city there is a specific charity that helps people in work with mental health issues. Aside from having a couple of nurses to help with the usual stuff they had a couple of HR people who helped with dealing with employers. They would have been helpful with in work benefits.

    Do you have anyone like that where you live, Phuzella?
    For free Mindfulness resources, please see this thread I have created to compile many sources together

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