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Thread: ESA & HB: Moving to a new City

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    ESA & HB: Moving to a new City

    I live in the South of England and receive ESA and housing benefit. I have no support here and I do not feel happy here at my current living situation, which is actually holding me back and making me worse.

    My thoughts are that I would like to relocate to the North of England to be closer to an online friend. It would very difficult for me to negotiate a job and a home from here, not just logistically but also mentally because of my health problems.

    Ideally I would like to move into somewhere while still claiming ESA and housing benefit. Then begin to rebuild my life from there and hopefully find work.

    Does anyone have experience of such long distance moves while claiming benefits? Does being from out of town put me at a disadvantage when trying to find a local landlord to rent to me?


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    Re: ESA & HB: Moving to a new City

    Due to generally lower demand for housing in the North and more landlords willing to accept benefits tenants, it is certainly doable.

    Be aware though that you could end up having to move to UC, which may mean a drop in income as ESA premiums aren't payable on UC.

    Tommo x

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    Re: ESA & HB: Moving to a new City

    From browsing property sites they do appear to be more willing than landlords in the South.

    My one issue now is trying to save up for deposits, fees, the cost of moving etc.

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