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Thread: Starting on Paxil 20mg and scared

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    Starting on Paxil 20mg and scared

    I was just prescribed 10mg of Paxil and I am scared to take it. I know that the doc is just starting me on a low dose and will move me up to 20mg. Can someone please give me some advice on what I can expect to feel taking this? I read in an anxiety workbook that you can start on 5mg and move slowly up. Has anyone ever tried this? Please let me know what I can expect.

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    Re: Starting on Paxil 20mg and scared

    When I was put on it my doc didnít start me off slowly. I was put on 20 mg from the start. I really liked Paxil other than it could be a bit sedating and I gained 15 lb in a few months. Maybe I just needed to be on a strict diet and exercise while taking it? Other than that I really felt better on it.

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    Re: Starting on Paxil 20mg and scared

    It really helps and I am going back on it if I can't find anything else. It silences obsessive thinking. I noticed it straight away, colours came back!

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