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Thread: Sudden Lightheadedness / Derealization / Unsteady feeling

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    Exclamation Sudden Lightheadedness / Derealization / Unsteady feeling


    I wanted to get some input from members here and see if anyone can relate to what happened to me today...

    A brief background of me - I had my first panic attack around age 12 and I have been suffering from GAD ever since with successes in utilization of medication and therapy (Lexapro). I have had panic attacks before the medication, but I have recently tried to wean off my medication but experienced terrible withdrawals and I'm back on half dose and have stabilized somewhat. This whole process was in the span of maybe 4 months.

    I currently have anxiety symptoms especially concerning my heart (palps, flutters, feels of runs of whatever, etc.) but my cardiologist is not worried and my testing has come back good.


    So today I was at work after working 5 days and I was making breakfast at the hotel and I was already at a heightened level of anxiety, I even commented to myself that I felt a panic attack was coming...I was moving some heavy items and my heart was racing (maybe around 130) but I became really concerned when I was lifting some eggs and my arm became a little weak (I hit the egg box on the counter) and I began to feel EXTREMELY disoriented and spaced out. I have derealization but this was on a heightened level like everything was surreal and I presume I was feeling lightheaded as well as when I looked around I felt I was off-kilter and really not steady (but I was still able to walk).

    I immediately felt my heart racing very fast, maybe over 160 into 180 and I was in panic mode. I was so scared I was going to pass out. Everything felt weird and strange, I felt so dizzy. I sat down and turned on a fan to cool me off and I tried to get my pulse but it was too fast. It took maybe 5-10 mins for me to calm down. My pulse got under 140 shortly after but remained high for a while.

    So who else has had these episodes and what causes them pls?

    Thank you

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    Re: Sudden Lightheadedness / Derealization / Unsteady feeling

    Bump, hope to hear from someone soon!

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    Re: Sudden Lightheadedness / Derealization / Unsteady feeling

    Sorry no advice as also in the same boat, so look forward to reading some responses!

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    Re: Sudden Lightheadedness / Derealization / Unsteady feeling

    Hi Mumzy,

    Could you describe your dizziness spells?


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    Re: Sudden Lightheadedness / Derealization / Unsteady feeling

    Mainly comes on out the blue. And I feel like really dizzy but only for a few seconds but then I feel shaky and my heart races etc it’s a really frightening scary feeling. I had it 2 weeks ago whilst I was chatting to a mum at the Pre school the feeling was unreal I just wanted to run from her

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    Re: Sudden Lightheadedness / Derealization / Unsteady feeling

    Hi Gamgra-

    Just saw your posting now
    Lightheadedness was the first symp of anxiety I felt 40 yrs ago
    I was a young mother and had just had my first child. My DH wanted to go away and I was going to leave my son with my mother and DH's mother for a few days. It was also the first time I was going to fly.
    I was sitting on the floor and a wave of lightheadedness overcame me.
    I got very frightened and the monster was born
    It eventually went away and other symps took its place
    I call it the "rotating symp."
    Just recently I had the lightheadedness again and of course it frightened it me. I have been under great stress so I believe that may be the reason as well as sinus/eustachain issues.
    The problem with us anxiety sufferers is that we add fear to the various bodily sensations we feel. There are people I know who would feel the lightheadedness and totally be not bothered by it.
    Fear fuels fear if that makes sense
    Having health anxiety does not help so I suggest you keep Dr Google out of the picture.
    If you have not read any of Claire Weekes books, I suggest you do. They are wonderful and mine are dog eared from so much use. One is "Peace from Nervous Suffering" another is "Hope and Help for your nerves."
    The lightheadedness I have been speaking of is not vertigo in the sense of being on a carousel but more of a floaty, spacey feeling. Think of the feeling of going up in an elevator and the feeling one feels as the elevator is just about to stop at the next floor.
    It is not an easy task but try not to add fear as best you can.
    Get enough sleep and water and eat regularly.
    Anxiety manifests itself in so many ways in terms of our symptoms and lightheadedness is certainly one of them
    Let me know how you are doing
    Hugs and Laughter


    \" I have developed a new philosophy.....I only dread one day at a time.\" Charlie Brown

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