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Thread: advice about pregabalin please

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    Re: advice about pregabalin please

    I think the problem is you haven't been prescribed the correct dosage schedule. Guidelines on Pregabalin for anxiety suggest you start at 75mg twice a day. Then up to 100, 150, 200, 225, 300 (if required). This would give you time to adjust to the side effects. Whilst Pregabalin can have an almost immediate effect, you won't know if it is the med for you long term until you have progressed through the doses and allowed a week or 2 at each dose to see if your anxiety stabilizes.

    It is definately a very common pattern for anxiety to be at its worst in the morning (or evening).

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    Re: advice about pregabalin please

    hey thanks for the advice really appreciate it

    this morning is going good, i took 150mg pregabalin last night and this morning i have woke up not flooded with anxiety which is a real relief. talk about vivid dreams though, i had them last night, one of them was like a full length movie involving something which resembled the night king from game of thrones

    i would certainly take vivid dreams over anxiety though so that's ok

    just taken the other 150mg now, will carry on with 150mg before bed and 150mg on waking, and see how that goes

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    Re: advice about pregabalin please

    I get vivid dreams with it a lot and i've been on 600mg just over a year now (300mg at 10am and 300mg at 10pm)

    The weight gain still continues.. but that's largely due to the urge to endlessly consume junk food.

    I have the side-effect (i guess you'd call it that) of struggling to remember the name of simple objects too and my mind wandering a bit but personally i think thats probably it's mechanism for lowering your general anxiety level. It feels like it slows your brain down a bit or some part of it anyway. Nothing dramatic, I'm a computer programmer and it hasn't hindered me at all, if anything it's helped (well largely helped since it got me back to being functional after a breakdown).

    Just some first hand experience/thoughts if you're interested.

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