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Thread: Do I have stomach cancer or colon cancer?

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    Do I have stomach cancer or colon cancer?

    So this is my first time posting and I hope someone can ease my concern. I'm 29 years old and on May of 2017 I had a baby girl. Couple months later when I have her on my belly I felt something. like a ball or something. When I went in for my yearly check up I brought it up and doc just brushed it off. After couple months I went in for strep throat which I asked about my belly again. There isn't much pain but I do feel something. She did breath test and it was positive for H pylori. We did 2 weeks of antibiotic, 2 weeks of Prilosec, 2 weeks of nothing and it was cleared. The pain if right on my belly. I have back pain right behind the same spot. I've also gotten pain under my armpit and she performed breast exam and said nothing was there. I've had loose stool ever since we started the treatment. My mother had colon cancer at the age of 47 and they said it was possibly there for ten years . I have seen blood in my stool but I've been to specialist and he said it was my hemorrhoid but he only preformed light exam. the blood is normally if it hard one and it hurts. I'm getting Ultra sound next month on my tummy and colonoscopy the following weeks. I am for sure I have something on my tummy and I assume its stomach tumor. Can positive H pylori positive result be bc of cancer? I've done my blood work last week and things looked normal. Could it show on my blood if that is the case?

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    Re: Do I have stomach cancer or colon cancer?


    Whereabouts is this mass on your stomach? If you imagine your belly button as being the centre of a clock, what "time" is this mass at? Obviously, you cannot get diagnosed on here and you'd be best to pursue this with your doctor.

    But, if she's felt and can't feel anything...That's very reassuring.

    FYI, constipation can cause a "mass" feeling in the abdomen...
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    Re: Do I have stomach cancer or colon cancer?

    right below my ribs above my bellybutton

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    Re: Do I have stomach cancer or colon cancer?

    Do I have stomach cancer or colon cancer?

    IMO, neither. H Pylori is a nasty bug. My wife had it. Top that off with antibiotics that mess with your stomach and it's a double whammy. I don't doubt you have symptoms and pain, I just don't believe it's from cancer. Feel better soon!

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