So I will more than likely re start Escitalopram Friday after 4 months off them. Gutted. I was on them 13 years, came off them soooo slow but I just canít handle this anxiety and panic, it frightens me. Iím even struggling to do the school run/work. I donít want to feel like this. Iíve felt like this for roughly 3/4 weeks now. From the moment I wake I have constant worries about things which arenít even there and thinking Ďwhat ifí, so stressful.
So, before stopping I was on 5mg every other day for about a year the. 5mg every 2-3 days for around 4 months. Iím scared stiff about the side effects so am wondering.....if I cut my 5mg pill in 2 and take 2.5mg every evening, do you think Iíll get such harsh side effects? Iím sure itís not still in my system after 4 months off? I wish I could just take one and feel instantly better!