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Thread: Willing to be a Pen Pal

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    Willing to be a Pen Pal

    Hi Everyone,

    I suffer from anxiety, mostly related to health. I have experienced major depression in the past and I know how difficult it can be to overcome. I have been prescribed various medications to help me deal with my anxiety and I have also participated in cognitive behavioural therapy numerous times. I am also certified in Mental Health First Aid by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, so I am trained to respond to individuals who deal with a number of different mental health conditions.

    As someone who is trained to understand the challenges of mental health issues as well as someone who suffers from those same issues himself, I am more than willing to be a pen pal with anyone who wants someone to speak to in a discrete and non-judgmental way.

    If you are looking for someone to connect with, feel free to contact me at any time. =)

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    Re: Willing to be a Pen Pal

    I could use a pen pal . Also a fellow Canadian!

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    Re: Willing to be a Pen Pal

    I suffer from biPolar II ( mania, depression, anxiety )
    Im 54 and live in the UK
    Are you willing to be an eMail Pal ?
    We could hopefully support each other

    Ive found that Im trying to use the tools in my toolbox as I navigate my BiPOlar II but Im not always getting the residual benefit

    Talking Therapy
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    Re: Willing to be a Pen Pal

    Hi, my name is Hanna, I am from South Africa and really need someone to talk to, I get very bad panic attacks and am not coping very well.

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