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Thread: Mirt Diary

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    Re: Mirt Diary

    almost 6 weeks now.

    There are a few issues:

    1. Sweating in the mornings - I had this in Prozac too - I get super sweaty for about an hour maybe an hour or so after waking up. It is worse when it is hot, obviously (like now), but also does not seem to matter much what the temp is. I also seem to sweat more when I work out.

    2. Strange peeling skin on my fingers. I think I may have had this very mildly before, but it is getting worse.

    3. Irritability. This is my current big concern. I snapped at my wife yesterday, which is very unusual for me. When I spoke to her about it, she said she had notice I was more irritable for the last 5 or so days. I know this can be an issue with Mirt, and it is something I really don't like the idea of. Particularly with a young son, and having suffered from an irritable and aggressive father myself. I have asked her to keep an eye on it for me, and if it gets worse, or continues for another week or so, then I may have to consider coming off the meds. Of course, it may also be that I am stressed with work at present, it is hot, I am still fighting some sort of cold (which may also be the meds...)...I don't know.

    4. Sometimes have dry mouth.

    5. Sometimes a bit dizzy/weird in the mornings. And an odd slight tension/headache/tightness in my head from time to time

    6. Vivid dreams - but this is not really an issue

    7. Upset stomach/diarrhoea - this is a difficult one, as I have had IBS for years, and was actually having really bad issues (waking at 5am every day and going to the loo about 4 or 5 times every morning) prior to going on the med. In general it is better - I don't wake at 5am etc - but I still often have upset stomach, particularly in the morning. Again, as I had this before I started Mirt, it is likely nothing to do with it - but it will be interesting to see if it makes the situation worse or better.

    Other than that, the big thing this med is doing for me is the sleep. I am getting a good 7-8 hours every night, which makes a big difference. I don't know if it is actually doing that much for my anxiety and depression, it is just that sleeping better makes it all much easier to deal with. Hard to tell. I certainly am feeling jittery and anxious today, but that may be just a little blip. I am a bit trembly too, but used to have that with anxiety, so think it is that rather than the meds.

    No more weight gain, for those of you worried about that - I maybe put on a 1lb or 2 right at the beginning, but no more than that.

    I guess I keep going and see how I feel this time next week. The scary thing about this med, after I have stupidly read too much online and here about it, is it seems like people are fine for a while and then suddenly things get unpleasant. But by that stage the withdrawal is bad as you have been on so long...This makes me (when I am feeling more anxious) get a bit panicked about whether or not to cut my losses and get out now....Alternatively I could be fine and stay on this for the rest of my life with no issues...Oh well. Guess there is nothing I can do but wait and see....
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    Re: Mirt Diary


    I'm new here and because Im in the same boat like you, I decided to write, also I was reading your diary. It 24 days since im on Mirt 15mg...And I have the same concerns about it. What if it doesnt work and the fear about withdrawal.
    I was pretty much ok last days, today I felt terrible. Hope this will pass. I cant say if its working, because my anxious and depressed feelings and fears were before meds also coming and going (few days alright, then 2 days or week horrible).

    Take care and sorry for my english.


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    Re: Mirt Diary


    Thank you - and welcome!

    I think the important thing to remember is that our minds can create all sorts of the problems that we fear - and with meds like this it can mean we overreact to "normal" ups and downs, or obsess over things (as I was doing yesterday).

    Those of us who struggle with anxiety/depression have a habit of "catastrophising" (meaning, we always go straight to imagining the worst possible outcome..).

    I think we both have to give these meds chance to work - it is still early days for both of us. The worst thing that can happen is we have to come off, and so long as we do that slowly and carefully, there should be no problem.

    Best of luck to you - and try to just relax and let it be (I need to take my own advice too!)

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    Re: Mirt Diary

    Thank you! I think you're right. Im just wondering if 15mg is enough...but of course its to early to say.

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    Re: Mirt Diary

    Its me again cause im worried. Today I feel really depressed and this crying spells are hard to take..could Mitr cause that, after 25 days on 15 mg?

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    Re: Mirt Diary

    I am not sure if it could cause it - certainly I think that in the early days there can be ups and downs like this, and it will take a while to settle.

    I am not having a great day today myself - woke very jittery and anxious, bad diarrhoea, finding it hard not to sink into the bad habit of obsessively worrying about how i feel, about the meds etc. Also a bit dizzy/groggy etc and slight headache. But I have to remember that I felt relatively fine yesterday. This too shall pass.

    I would say you need to try and give it a few more weeks before making any decisions. It may be you need to go up to 30, or it maybe that the med does not work for you, but I think it is still too early to tell.

    Take care of yourself, try to keep yourself busy so that the days pass as quickly as possible.
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    Re: Mirt Diary

    Hey, thank I would read myself..Its so strange, I was also feeling well past days, good sleep, normal appetite but constipated..then 2 days ago, suddenly bad feelings, also obssesing about the meds and how I feel, bad sleep and today diarrhoea and all is resulting in fear ..

    And becasue of that im wondering is this realy my mental state or meds (I know that's my obssession, cause Im affraid of meds etc,,and would like to be off, but who wouldn't..)

    Hope that will pass, for you too!

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    Re: Mirt Diary

    Nearly 7 weeks now.

    Just to update - the skin peeling is fungal, and nothing to do with the meds. I am using hydro cortisone cream and is going away.

    Irritability has not been much of an issue the last week. May have been more to do with the hot weather and stressful work.

    One thing I forgot to mention, and is definitely the meds, is restless legs at night. These start about an hour or so after taking the pill and last for an hour or two. I was counting it last night and almost exactly every 20 seconds I get a rising up of that really unpleasant sensation (usually only in one leg) that makes me want to move it, then it fades away. Then 20 second pause, then again. Super annoying. I am going to try taking the pill later tonight (i usually take it just before 9pm and go to bed about 10pm) to see if I can fall asleep before the restless legs start. If that does not work, maybe take it earlier to get them out of the way. I had the same problem on Prozac (even though I took that in the morning) and it went away completely when I was off the drugs, so know it is a side effect.

    Other than that - still slight tightness/headache and slight groggy feeling in head, but nothing major.

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    Re: Mirt Diary

    8 weeks: All good. Restless legs happens maybe once or twice a week. Some odd head sensations from time to time, but I am sure that is perfectly normal and it is just that I am more attuned to it.

    I still get anxious and I still get depressed, but this has been taken down a few notches to a more manageable level. I made a mistake on Friday at work, which was very stressful to deal with, and I was anxious and down for a couple of days about it, but it never spiralled out into a panic attack or anything like that.

    Sleep is still not perfect, but better than it was. My IBS is still pretty much what it was. I have noticed that a lot of my anxious sensations actually start from by gut, and seem to be triggered by my stomach feeling upset/potential diarrhoea, so I am going to try and work on my diet a bit more to see if I can find a way to help the IBS.

    Speaking of diets - I have lost most of the weight I put on (I think I put on maybe 4lbs and have lost 2-3lb of that). Seems like keeping an eye on my intake, and exercising regularly helps to stop weight gain. Plus the exercise helps my mental health too, so it is a win/win.

    So, at present, no desire to change dose or come off. I would say the 15mg knocks my issues down by about 20% which, luckily for me, is to a level I can cope with.

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    Re: Mirt Diary

    10 weeks

    Have been struggling a bit the last couple of days. I am on holiday at my in-laws house, so am out of my routine and have lots of days of just hanging around.

    Felt depressed and anxious for a couple of days now - withdrawn and hard to pull myself out of myself. Anxiety is not that bad, but I do seem to be trembling all the time. Also found myself obsessing over things (including the classic of scaring myself by thinking of suicide and then obsessing over how bad it was I had thought that, and how messed up I must be etc etc...all very silly I know). I am also doing classic catastrophising about the meds and my mental health etc.

    I also find it hard to be in the present, and keep thinking about the end of the holiday next week and going back to work etc, and all that comes along with that...whereas I know I should be enjoying each day as it is.

    Hopefully this is just all part of the process, and reflective of the change in circumstances while I am here. I suppose I am still only 2 1/2 months in as well, so should expect a few ups and downs, and for the meds to take time to work.

    Other than that, regarding side effects - no real change. Still sleeping better, still have occasional restless legs, still feel like it is very easy to put on weight if I let myself go.

    It may be that going up to 30mg would have a better effect on the depression and anxiety, but I am very reluctant to do that, both because I am sensitive to meds and can feel that the restless legs/stimulation etc would kick in more, and the sleep help would probably go. Also want to be on as low a dose as possible to make any eventual withdrawal easier. So will stay where I am for now.

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