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Thread: Up dose or change medication?

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    Up dose or change medication?

    Hello all

    I have been on escitralopram since Jan this year (was on it previously for 2 years).

    Initially I thought it was working really well but I have noticed that my initial anxiety symptoms have returned. I am on 10mg and wondering whether to up my dose or try a different medication.

    Thoughts please?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Up dose or change medication?

    May I ask why you restarted the medication in the first place instead of trying a different anti-depressant? If it wasn't working for you 2 years ago, it's likely it won't work for you now. It's important to find a medication that suits you best, though this isn't an easy task!

    Personally, I'd get rid, try a different one. I was on Escitalopram last year and while I seemed to have noticed some results initially, it wasn't helping me much overall. In fact, it was making my depersonalisation worse, so I switched to Venlafaxine.

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    Re: Up dose or change medication?

    I agree with Ana :if it wasn't working for you when you were on it for the two years, then I'd switch to something else :-).

    But, if it did work well during those two years and you went off it for some other reason, I'd try upping the dose to 15 mg before trying something else.

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