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Thread: Muscle Vibrations

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    Muscle Vibrations


    So last Monday, I felt my left hip needed to click or pop, so I started doing some stretches to help and did this one yoga pose which I didn't manage to get into correctly. Since then, on the Monday night, behind my left knee, my muscle or vein or something started to vibrate? Almost like a phone going off, like my muscle or something was spasming!

    It comes and goes and I only get the vibration sensation when I'm at rest and last Friday it really bothered me but then after walking around and a good sleep it was okay again. But last night, it was spasming/vibrating so much it woke me up! It hasn't done this yet so am obviously a tad concerned as I love my sleep and the last thing I want is for it to affect that, haha.

    I've really REALLY stretched out the muscle this morning and it seems to have helped but I can still feel small vibrations sometimes. I obviously googled this and it led to MS . I know I probably don't have that but my mind is going mad. What else could it be? A pinched nerve maybe? Should I just keep stretching it out every day to see if it goes away? Has anyone else had this? It's started to get really annoying and upsetting cause it's been a week now.

    I wanted to post here before going rushing to the docs as I was only there a month ago!

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    Re: Muscle Vibrations

    Hi it can my from a pinched nerve ... i had the same ( mine most propably from anxiety).. I have asked a friend of mine who is physiotherapist and chiropractor and said that this can also happen from a pinched nerve

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