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Thread: Worried about testicular cancer

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    Unhappy Worried about testicular cancer


    Around April my right testicle suddenly started aching one night. Nothing terrible but it was there. It stayed for a week or two and I wasn't worried about it as it seemed like it was getting better. It didn't ache during the whole day either so it didn't bother me that much.

    It was a lot better for a few weeks but around late may/early june it came back again, but not as bad as the first time. It also didn't stay as long and quickly got better. It came back again a week or two but only for a few days and now it's better again. Pretty sure the first few weeks hurt the most and the other times it's hasn't been as much.

    Thing is, it's never completely gone. The testicle feels a bit sore and it seems like one spot in particular makes it hurt more and sometimes if it gets squeezed a sharper pain will occur but will quickly disappear. Most of the time it was just aching a bit though.

    I don't feel any lumps but not sure how hard they are to find. It is a tiny bit larger and hangs down a little lower than my other testicle but I think it's always been like this. No differences otherwise between them I think. At least not anything obvious and pretty sure there has been no change since it started. I'm just worried that there is a lump that I'm not feeling.

    Does this sound like cancer? I'm 17 btw. I know I should just go to the doc but I'd rather not bring it up to my parents. I'm just super scared it's cancer.

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    Re: Worried about testicular cancer

    Hey man

    If you can't feel any lumps at all then I would say it is unlikely to be cancer. They should feel like hard, fixed 'peas' under the skin and should be painless. However pain in the testicles can obviously be a worry for whoever is experiencing it as it is very uncomfortable. I used to suffer with aches there too. You are much more likely to have a small vein and/or varicocele. These can cause pain in your scrotum, I should know as I have both. Varicoceles feel like a 'bag of worms' above your testicle. They are very common and not dangerous but if you want peace-of-mind then I recommend you go to the Doctor. They treat things like this seriously and always air on the side of caution to make sure they don't miss anything. They'll probably book you for an ultrasound and you'll have the results within a matter of days. It will be an anxious wait, but think of the relief you'll feel when you find out you're fine =)

    I hope you get sorted!

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    Re: Worried about testicular cancer

    I been through this worry and still worry about my testicles

    In the last three years I have had 3 ultrasounds and about 9 or 10 exams at the gps.

    Not a GP but cysts may cause pain (and if you check youself to hard) if you have not done asked for an ultrasound.

    When my GP send me the first time to a specialist as he was unsure about a lump, I was cared and thought I had testicle cancer (this was three years ago) turned out to be some cysts. one 1cm, and one 3cm (or more likely 1mm or 3mm because cm is massive)
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