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Thread: Lyrica has literally stopped working at any dose

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    Lyrica has literally stopped working at any dose

    Hi guys,

    I've been using Lyrica for anxiety for 7 months - doses between 450-1050mg

    I would take in the morning, feel calm in my head for the day, sleep very well, and then repeat the process.

    Going up and down with the dose was never a problem as I never took high doses for extended periods.

    about a month ago, I took St John's Wort for 2 days and this completely ****ed up my system..

    I now have insomnia, I have to take the lyrica at night now, and it hardly even works. I don't feel the calmness in my head. I still don't sleep well.

    Even if I up my dose to something I've never done before, I don't feel it like I did pre SJW.

    That stuff did something to my brain, and I am not sure what.. It couldn't have affected the absorbtion, and it doesn't even affect calcium channels.

    I'm kinda desparate for a solution.. I am not trapped on this high dose of lyrica, and there is no way I can wean myself down..

    Mr brain is ****ed from minimal benzo use, one of the unlucky ones. I can't use Kratom either, because the Lyrica appears to stop my tolerance from going down like it did pre-lyrica..

    Any suggestions or insights would be great! :(

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    Re: Lyrica has literally stopped working at any dose

    The first question is how you managed to get up to 1050 mg pregabalin per day, as that is much greater than the maximum dose of 600 mg daily in most countries.

    Nevertheless, it seems to have been working for you, but then you took St John's Wort. Why was that? Was it an anxiety spike?

    You also mention kratom and benzodiazepines, which are also mood affecting drugs. You don't mention any other mood affecting drugs that you use, which may include alcohol etc.

    My advice is to get the mood-affecting drugs down to one or two - the ones that work best. Even if you have mood blips, don't be tempted to add more.
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