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Thread: Issues after colonoscopy

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    Issues after colonoscopy

    I had a colonoscopy done 12 months ago. Since then I have suffered nausea each morning (lasting until about 11am) and stomach bugs like you've never known in terms of frequency. One earlier this year landed me in A&E as it was making me dizzy and stopping me from breathing properly. Could this all be related to the colonoscopy procedure? I mean, the laxative they give you is designed to do a pretty thorough job in terms of clearing out the system and all the good bacteria. If so, should I still be suffering after a year?

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    Re: Issues after colonoscopy

    My initial reaction would be to say no, you shouldn't be suffering with these symptoms after a year. However, removing all or most of the "good bacteria" could have triggered such a negative response.

    Have you tried replacing the good bacteria? I would speak to GP about this ASAP.

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    Re: Issues after colonoscopy

    I have never heard of a colonoscopy doing this but you should speak to your doctor really

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